Introducing PlatformPro

Today we are pumped to tell you about Platform, PageLines’ new and official theme framework.

When we started work on Platform, the goal was to “take the code out of web design,” and help you build a custom site faster & easier than ever before.

To accomplish this we built a completely new type of drag & drop website control—the Section API— as well as draggable layout controls, draggable post-types (feature slides, boxes, banners) and tons of comprehensive page-by-page options.

Platform also has some outstanding features. It supports BuddyPress and bbPress integration, child themes, magazine & blog layout modes, full-width and fixed-width designs, forms, and ajax image uploading.  It is also search-engine optimized (SEO), and tuned for fast load times and performance.

Why a Drag&Drop Framework

Before Platform you were left with three choices when building a site: custom-coding, wysiwyg editors, and themes. These all have their problems:

  • Coding – Very technical in nature, and hard to maintain.
  • Wysiwyg – Need to be built & designed primarily by the user. This costs time and often sacrifices code quality and design.
  • Themes – Often require custom code and knowledge of WordPress to customize.

Platform was engineered to solve these problems by combining the best aspects of all three. It is as plug-and-play as a theme, as easy to customize as a wysiwig interface, and extremely extendable so custom code can be added in seconds.

Introducing “Sections”

platform drag and drop layout

Platform’s front-end design is based on a brand-new concept called ‘sections.’ In short, sections are similar to WordPress widgets (drag and drop sidebar elements) only they work much better for creating great designs and for use with templates.  Here are some of the reasons why sections are awesome:

  1. Plug-and-Play Sections are pre-designed pieces of web design, which can be very complex (e.g. a feature slider, navigation, carousel, etc..). All the code remains contained and managed by the section API; so all you ever see is a simple drag and drop interface and options.
  2. Control Sections can be toggled on or off on a page-by-page basis and add their own post-types and options. This means total control of every page on your site.
  3. Performance Sections load their code (for example, Javascript), only on pages where they are used and according to best-practices. This greatly improves performance.
  4. Development Can be created and modified by designers in the Base child theme. This means designers can add or alter the drag & drop sections in seconds.
  5. Simple Sections add standard html markup and custom hooks (for extending functionality). This cuts down on a lot of code while giving you more functionality at the same time.

More Features You’ll Love

Layout Builder
On top of the new drag&drop sections, Platform also has draggable layout builder for configuring the dimensions of your site.  You can select a new site width, or configure each of 5 different sidebar layouts; then select a layout on a page-by-page basis.

bbPress and BuddyPress
Platform also supports integrations with BuddyPress and has a matching bbPress forum theme (developer edition).  We are really excited about this because the integration is seamless and gives Platform users a really professional and dynamic presence.

Full-Width & Fixed-Width Modes
We’ve also accounted for different design modes.  There are two ways to build your site with Platform. Full-width mode allows you to have full-width content elements (such as background images), and fixed-width mode gives you fixed-width content and background elements.

Base Child Theme
The Base child theme was built to help you customize Platform easily and with best-practices for building a website.  Use it to throw in some custom CSS design, or use ‘hooks’ to add code like HTML or PHP to places throughout the theme. We’ve also built in an easy way for you to add custom sections of your own!


The cost for a single pro license will cost $95. A multi use developer license will be sold for $175, which also includes compatibility with bbPress forum, graphics and links removed.  For more information, check out the overview here:, or the demo here:

12 Responses to "Introducing PlatformPro"
  1. This looks nice, but i think it’s only for people who don’t know how to code. Plus designers who are building wordpress sites on a daily base probably have al sorts of layouts ready for them self.

      • Well, nice for setting up niche sites rapidly, but still my guess is themebuilders use their own layouts in stead of using such a framework.

        ps: i do like that apple-themed presentation video ;)

  2. back on 11/11/15 my website crashed or something and I have been directed to you because it doesn’t look the way it did before it crashed. Can someone please contact me about this??

    Thank you,
    Rebecca Heineck

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