Introducing Platform 5

Every once in a while a product comes along with the potential to change everything.

Until today, working with WordPress was typically a tedious and painful process, but as of today I’m happy to say we are a releasing something that fixes that.

Announcing the release of PageLines Platform 5, an insanely-fast, real-time editing platform that makes WordPress fun again.

You can add Platform 5 to ANY WordPress theme, it’s free, setup is less than 5 minutes and we hope that it blows your mind.

After 18 months of development can publicly talk about how it’s gonna help you…

Why You’ll Love Platform 5

If you’re a web professional, using Platform 5 is going to revolutionize your workflow. It is going to make the job as easy as it is to shop for outreach links here. And not in just one way, in several.

We designed the new system to:

  • Reduce coding and designing time, debugging and frustration
  • Improve client handoff
  • Standardize and simplify the customization of WordPress websites

I’ll get into features in a second, but first, let’s check out the launch videos!

Product Introduction Video

Watch the Ad

What exactly can it do?

Platform 5 is extremely simple yet powerful.
Platform 5 is extremely simple yet powerful.

Thanks to the way it’s designed, Platform 5 can do a ton and it’s getting better every day.

Platform 5 is engine based, meaning the core system handles key “engines” which then each get utilized by individual extensions that add things like a slider, carousel, SEO plugin, etc..Visit Website to see all kinds of offers on various affordable packages of all kinds of SEO services.

Therefore, each extension adds to the power of the entire platform and you can choose exactly which extensions make the most sense for you.

Here are it’s core features:

  • Real time content editing engine.
  • Drag and drop template design engine
  • Shortcodes and content editing engine
  • One click extension engine
  • Theme, profile, and meta settings engines

And these get extended. As of today there are over 35 extensions already live, and more will be added rapidly.

These add functionality like:

  • Sliders and Carousels
  • Various components like buttons, images, testimonials, heroes, mastheads and more…
  • Pre designed page templates
  • Complex post type oriented sections (for example a showcase)
  • New formats for popular plugins like WooCommerce
  • Admin customization
  • And this is just the beginning…

Here’s what the extension engine looks like:

Just a few of the extensions Platform 5 has already...
Just a few of the extensions Platform 5 has already…

How to get started…

Getting started with Platform 5 is super simple. It is designed as a WordPress plugin, so all you need to do is download the plugin here:

Download PageLines Platform

And install in the standard WordPress plugins installations window.

Once you’re up and running, we have a ton of resources to guide you all the way to valhalla…

Need help?

Want some guidance getting started? We love to help!

Check out the support and community portals, they each have a ton of resources for you.

The Future…

Hopefully you guys can see the huge potential that Platform 5 has to offer. Just remember that today is the launch and only the beginning of what the new PageLines will become…

We think Platform 5 will change your entire workflow for the better. Not convinced? We’re gonna keep working til you are :)

Have some thoughts? Please let us know on the forum or independent user group.