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At PageLines, we believe everyone has a story to tell. The design tools we build empower thousands of people to share their stories with the world in a simple but powerful way: through their websites. And because every website is a never-ending story in itself, we would like to present you with a selection of some of the best DMS stories.

In this post we will present, analyse and comment the variety in design and the tools used on some of the most representative DMS 2 websites out there. These are presented below, in no particular order. If you would like your own DMS design to be featured on the PageLines Blog or in the new PageLines Showcase, you can submit it through the application form on this page. We’re excited to hear your story!

1. The Whole Daily

The Whole Daily built with DMS


The Whole Daily is coach Alice Nicholls’ website dedicated to happy living, healthy eating and life transformation. Alice’s project is beautifully knitted together using a palette of warm colours and inspiring design choices. The website has been designed by the awesome FLUX agency. Here’s what FLUX founder Adam Tregear had to say about their story with DMS 2:

“We built on DMS2 because out-of-the-box it has everything you need to create a clean and sexy mobile first experience. The super-simple interface lets the client easily manage, update and control their site.  Giving them total control without having to call us when they want to make minor changes.  FLUX lives by 3 Values, ‘Keep it stupid simple’, ‘People over profit’ and ‘ The problem contains the solution.’ DMS2 allows us to deliver these to ourselves and our clients everyday.” 

– Adam Tregear, Founder of FLUX

2. Traci Warren

Traci Warren

Traci Warren is a health, nutrition and life coach. Her website provides visitors with insights on healthy nutrition, positive living, and the various ways they can gain control of their life. We’ve teamed up with Cassey Banks, the website’s designer, to catch a glimpse into her experience with DMS 2 and the story behind building the awesome website you see today:

“PageLines DMS 2 is an absolute thrill to work with. The sections and responsiveness are unparalleled by any other theme that I have worked with in the past. I expected designing my first site on the new system to be painful and time consuming as I would have to wade through how to use it. I was wrong. PageLines exceeded my expectations by making it super simple to learn and use. While designing Traci Warren I needed to create a number of various layouts to accommodate all of the information, services and products that Traci offers. The canvas area and column sections allowed for creating extremely complex layouts in just a few clicks. You can’t beat that, unless of course you take into account that you can do it from the front end of the site! Then, having the ability to save both complete page templates and individual sections for use on other pages in a matter of seconds was superb since I needed 15 modules broken into 3 pages for her training section. In conclusion, I positively love PageLines DMS 2 and recommend it for anyone who will be designing on WordPress!”

– Cassey Banks, Founder at CasseysDesigns



DELADA is a website created for stunning fashion designer Lada Komarova.  Featuring collections which transcend many traditional boundaries from glamour and avant-garde to rock ‘n roll, each new collection represents an interpretation of a new artistic theme or artist. Nicholas, the website’s designer, explains why he chose DMS 2 and how he approached building the DELADA website:

“DMS is a fast and effective way to create the kind of responsive websites that clients want. And the fact that it works with WordPress is a plus – it’s a robust and scalable platform. When I started out with WordPress I did some research and found the PageLines products. Coming from an arts background and not being a coder meant that I could still achieve a great looking site but also gradually build up my knowledge of CSS to make the additional customisations I needed. The support forum which is monitored 24/7 is fast at getting issues resolved which is important for any business.”

– Nicholas Peall, NicholasPeallDesign

We hope you’ve enjoyed these designs as much as we have, and we’re looking forward to seeing your own DMS 2 Drag & Drop websites!

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      Cassey, Cassey’s Designs LLC.

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