Instagram for Business Designed For Easier Marketing

Three months ago, Instagram made another attempt to grow the platform even bigger as business profiles began rolling out among selected accounts. At first, I thought that accounts with larger follower counts were more privileged to get a first glimpse of the design and try it out first than those with minimal followers.

However, it wasn’t really like that. Users were most likely to be given a chance to switch to a business account  due to multiple reasons relating to content promotion, one of which is good social engagement.

What does good social engagement mean? 

On Instagram, engagement is characterized by the number of likes and comments that your post receives. Having good social engagement, then, means being able to ‘engage’ or interact with the people who like and comment on your post. It sounds so simple, right? But actually, there is more to that.

Aside from engagement, Instagram also analyzes your Facebook page activity. If you want to have a business account, you will have to link your profile to a Facebook page that you manage. Not having a Facebook page means the business account is not for you. If you are a  legit content marketer or social media market, however, I am pretty sure having a Facebook page set up is not a problem for you.

Instagram for Business Is Designed for Marketers’ Advantage

A large portion of Instagram’s active users comprises of entrepreneurs and marketers, and I think Instagram saw this as a good reason to create a business account which they could use to easily promote their brands and products.


The design is actually still the same as a a personal account. There is only additional features including:

  • Discover People – on iPhone, this button is located on the upper left part of the page. On Android phones, it is also located on the upper part of the page but is next to the Insights icon. (This is also available on personal accounts)
  • Insights – this button, as shown on the screenshot below, is located on the upper right part of the profile page, just next to Settings.
  • Contact – With the business account, your potential clients, customers and collab partners can now easily connect with you. You will have the option to include a business phone number and an e-mail they can use to reach you.
  • Title –  One of my favorite added feature is the title. Since your account will be connected to your Facebook page, your title will also be carried on to your Instagram profile. This appears just below your name. The thing about this is that you cannot change or edit your title unless you tweak your Facebook page settings.



The Insights button, as mentioned earlier, is found on the upper right part of a business profile page. Once clicked, it redirects to a page shown on the sample screenshot below:




    What is amazing about Instagram is that it automatically analyzes the location, gender and age of your followers. One determining key for you to have the business account is when you have unique followers that come from diverse locations and age groups.

    The screenshot below shows that Insights gives you the chance to determine whether or not you are gaining or losing more followers.followersIt also lets you discover which gender and age group your posts attract more.








    The Insights page also shows which day your followers are most active and the average time of the day they are on Instagram.


    As a marketer with a specific target audience, having these things on the Insight page is definitely very helpful.

  2. Impressions


    Impression is the amount of times your content was shown and seen by people. With the new Insights feature, you are able to see how many times people have seen your post daily and weekly. Besides that, you are also able to compare it with the impressions you had a week prior to it.

  3. Reach


    Reach is the number of unique user accounts that have seen your content.

  4. Profile Views

    profile-viewsThis is the number of times your profile has been viewed by people. With the figures shown on the screenshot above, the account achieved additional 5.158 % profile views from last week. Not having a negative figure shows that the account is doing good when it comes to driving visitors.

  5. Website Clicks


    This is the total amount of clicks on your website. As a marketer, your goal is not only to get people to view your profile but also to get them to click and visit your website. Your website is where the real thing takes place, hence, you have to always remember that people can easily access it on your profile.

  6. Top Posts

The Insights page also shows the photos that earned a lot of impressions throughout the week. The good thing about this is that, you are able to see and determine what kind of posts attract more people.

Moreover, for every post that you make, you have the option to view individual insights. This will show the post’s number of impressions, reach and engagement. You will also have the opportunity to promote your post by paying for it.

I do think that if you are a marketer or if you are simply an individual with a brand that you want to promote, Instagram for Business is definitely an advantage for you. It is very neat and is designed to make marketing so much easier. Moreover, it is now possible for all accounts to switch to a business account when they are linked to Facebook Pages.

With the Insights page, you can easily analyze what kind of posts your followers find interesting. You will also find out what time of the day or which day you should post. This will also help you determine how you should schedule your posts and whether or not you are targeting and reaching the right audience.

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