iBlogPro 6: Drag & Drop WordPress Theme Meets Apple

Almost 5 years ago, PageLines released the original iBlogPro. A apple inspired premium WordPress theme that quickly became one of the most popular and best known on the market. Undoubtedly, this is because Apple has a beautiful, minimal aesthetic that many strive to achieve in their own brands and designs.

Over the years we’ve continued to iterate on this initial concept. And today we are very excited to announce that we’ve released iBlogPro version 6. It is now fully drag and drop and powered by DMS (PageLines drag and drop system).

The new version of iBlogPro has come awesome new features, including:

  • Drag and Drop Customization (DMS Powered)
  • Apple inspired design and custom sections
  • Complete control of fonts and typography
  • Color control
  • Search, social and local optimized
  • One click install inside of WordPress
  • Simple code-free customization with complete flexibility

These new features will allow you to have a beautiful, high-performance website to show your current and future customers.


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iBlogPro Examples

In additional to the drag and drop features of DMS, iBlogPro has everything you’d want in a highly professional theme. It’s responsive (mobile ready), comes with lots of pre-loaded templates and special sections.


iBlogPro comes with a pre-loaded homepage template that can be mildly customized or completely changed entirely.




Custom Features and Styling

eCommerce / Shop

iBlogPro also has clean eCommerce styling to match the rest of the theme, you could become a great retailer online and even start offering coupon codes on websites like Raise.

eCommerce Styling (WooCommerce)
eCommerce Styling (WooCommerce)

Other Sections and Features

Masonic Section Styling

iBlogPro has all the features and sections from DMS framework. That means you also get a bunch of gallery sections and other tools.

What’s a “Core Theme?”

The functional advantage of Core Themes

iBlogPro has DMS included in the theme, and the theme itself is installed just like any other WordPress theme. ONLY it will have tons of drag and drop features from DMS.

Advantages of Core Themes:

  • Easier installation
  • No compatibility issues from DMS upgrades (theme developer controls this)
  • Better compatibility with external plugins and sections
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