How to Get Genuine Backlinks

You own an online business. You have a domain, a great looking site, and all the functionality you need. Everything is set up exactly the way you want it except for one problem, you log into google analytics and there is no one coming to your site. You have no comments and no readers. Life sucks!

Well, backlinks are one of the most important ways to increase not only how many people are coming to your site from other sources, but how highly you rank in google– they give a lot of precedence to sites with a lot of backlinks.

Part of the problem is that you are focused on getting your first dollar instead of getting your first follower. Even online retailers today need to build their online networks to improve sales. The bottom line is that you have to provide value to get people to pay attention to you. Google is what it is because it provides a variety of free services! Getting traffic isn’t rocket science, but it does take patience, a bit of dedication and some generous backlinks.

Just think to yourself what can I offer that people will want to know about or what can I put in my status update that will get people’s attention. The beauty of social media is that while you may need to provide something of value to get people following you, once they are fans or followers the lines of communication are open and you are able to tap directly into a valuable resource–the customer!

The other great thing is that you don’t have to wait for people to come to you. For example, In twitter and in community forums you can search for keywords to see what people are saying about certain topics. You now have a targeted group of people interested in exactly what you offer and can join in on the conversation

You now have a targeted group of people interested in exactly what you offer.

It is your job to build authority within this group. However, don’t leave comments on a blog or forum if you don’t have anything to say. Leaving comments about how much you enjoyed a post is fine (authors love feedback), however, keep in mind that you will not get noticed by readers and if you link to yourself while doing so it looks like you are only interested in your own agenda.

If you are going to comment you have a few options that will make you seem like a valuable contributer:


  1. 1. Add information that you think might be missing in the post
  2. 2. Add a link to an example that might clarify the post
  3. 3. Ask questions that will engage other readers and the author


Now go post like it’s your job!!

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  1. Its a great post i think and will help most of us bloggers who are looking for the great help out there on net. Thanks for the great post and have a great reader ship…

  2. Nice article man, really cool. I think a lot of people underestimate the importance of giving out free, quality content to engage people. It’s so simple yet so powerful!

  3. Every backlink should be indexed. Without indexing it’s nothing. For small ammunt all backlinks are not just built but also indexed

  4. thanks for the info, here is a question i’m not that competent at all this technology stuff and lack the understanding of most of it seen as im 49 yrs old, (wish we had all this technology at school back in my day).my question is i have a business and i lack in the back link department i am not trying to sell anything on the internet other than my services, could you point me in the right direction please, of where i would get back links for my website so i could rank better on google thanks in advance Floss

    • @FlossCrosby PageLines products are for WordPress, all our articles are either related to PageLines products or using WordPress. Your site is using neither.
      I recommend you read this article –

  5. Thanks for sharing. Getting a genuine back link now a days is getting tougher and Google has started considering other factors as well like domain age, Link Authority etc.

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