Facebook Ads 20% Rule Vector Grid Template Download

Today, I’m setting up some ads on Facebook for the new Platform 5 for WordPress, but I keep running up against the age-old 20% rule for text on ads.

I searched for a vector grid overlay template that I could use in both Photoshop and Illustrator.

However,  I could only find one in .png format so I decided to make one in .eps and .svg.

How the 20% Rule Works

In order to pass Facebook’s image review, any form of text in your image can only cover 5 of 20 squares in a grid.

To use this template, just open up the .eps file and overlay it on top of your image in photoshop or illustrator.

All text in the image should fit within 5 squares with on overlap. Example:

Text is only in 5 of 20 squares
Text is only in 5 of 20 squares


Here’s the overlay download in both .svg and .eps formats. Simply overlay the grid on your image and you should be all set to design.

Download (.eps)

Download (.svg)