A Simple Analysis of One of The Most Effective Social Media Platform for Business

A lot of business owners think that in order to reach many people, they have to market their business on any social media platform. It could be a good thing. However, when you do this, your focus will surely be divided since you have many platforms to use and pay attention to.

Having your own company is both a blessing and a pain in the ass. It is a blessing when it is doing great, and the opposite when it is not going well.

If you want to expand your business and to be successful, you will have to do everything to make things work — and that includes social media marketing.

But how do you know the most effective social media platform for your business?

When we mention the term social media, most people would always think of Facebook first. Facebook has now turned into not only the most powerful platform for online socializing, but also for growing your own business.

The best thing about this platform is:

  1. It is free.
  2. Many people use it.

But just because it is free and has a lot of active users doesn’t mean it is the most effective platform for social media marketing. How successful you are with it still greatly depends on how much you know about it and how good you are in utilizing it.

There are some entrepreneurs and business experts that think this platform could actually be useless when you do not know what you are doing. Hence, to be able to know what to do and how to effectively use Facebook for your business, let us have an analysis of the features this popular platform possesses.

Personal Accounts


They say that your number one fans are always your family and friends. In everything that you do, you can expect that they will always be there to support you and help you. Hence, when you think about doing something, it is always a good thing to start with them.

Facebook is great for setting up a personal account where you can stay connected with the people you care about. It is even better when you can use this account to form an online community that could benefit your business. If you have a product, you can always share it on your timeline and surely, when your friends and family see it, they will give you the support your business needs.

Of course, not everything you share on your timeline will get the maximum attention you expect it to have. It is not enough that you just share your content and expect people to like it. You have to convince people to like it and actually be interested in it, because if not, it is just going to be useless.

Facebook Pages


Having a Facebook Page set up for your business sounds like a good idea especially when you have lots of friends on your Facebook account. You can always connect your page to your personal account and invite your friends to like it.

And when your friends accept the invitation, your reach grows bigger as many people outside your Facebook circle will also begin discovering your page on the suggestion/recommendation page.

Facebook Pages are free. However, if you want to reach a larger number of people, you can also pay to promote and advertise your page and its content. The only problem is, sometimes you can still not rely solely and fully on the paid advertisement. You may be able to reach many people and make lots of impressions, but that does not mean you will also definitely have an increase in sales and conversions.

Facebook Groups


Facebook groups are more directed towards forming a community which means it is really good for growing your business. I have known a few entrepreneurs who started with a small group on Facebook and eventually grew it.

Caitlin Bacher of caitlinbacher.com centers her business on teaching people how to use social media to increase sales. She formed a private Facebook group and is now using it to attract other bloggers and entrepreneurs to join her webinars and sign up for her tutorials. And with that, I am pretty sure she makes a profit out of it.

There are many groups on Facebook but not all are successful. There are some that get neglected and forgotten overtime because only a few people are active in it. Hence, to make your group successful, you have to make sure you keep people active and interested. You will have to share contents that are relevant and relatable.


Facebook is indeed a very powerful and effective marketing tool as it helps you promote your product or your business. It lets you build your own community of loyal followers that give you lots of business benefits. However, it also boils down to how you effectively use it. It is not enough that you just create your account and share anything about your business. You have to be smarter than that and think of the most creative ways to utilize the features this platform has.

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