eCommerce for PageLines Has Arrived

(Note: This post is depreciated. Jigoshop now works natively with PageLines DMS)

Ever since PageLines was founded in 2009, we’ve had requests to support eCommerce. This has been a major request (and pain point) for PageLines customers. With the management support that offers the best Payment Processing For ecommerce merchants, the dream of setting up this eCommerce platform has become a reality

Until recently there has never been a professional and ‘easy to use’ eCommerce platform worthy of support and partnership with PageLines.

Then Jigoshop came along — a beautifully designed eCommerce plugin built specifically for WordPress.

That’s why today, we’re announcing ongoing support via the “Jigoshop for PageLines” plugin for the PageLines Drag & Drop framework.

Jigoshop and PageLines

Jigoshop for PageLines By Default

In the last few months we’ve become very familiar with this new plugin. It’s designed in a way that makes eCommerce finally doable for the novice but maintains a healthy level of professional feel that we like to bring to all PageLines software.

The project team, led by Andy Donovan and Sandra Morrison, has done great work, and have the right goals; despite the early set backs from competitors.

‘Nuf said, now that this is supported…

Jigoshop, combined with the new PageLines plugin, allows you to:

  • Easily sell tangible and digital goods on your PageLines site.
  • Extend your eCommerce capabilities through Jigoshop and PageLines extensions.
  • Support tons of payment gateways such as PayPal,, etc.
  • Use Drag & Drop and PageLines templates/options.
  • Sell in almost any language (everything is fully localized).
  • Extend your eCommerce site with Jigoshop widgets.

Getting Started

To get started, all you need to do is:
1. Download and install Jigoshop.
2. Install and activate the new “Jigoshop for PageLines” plugin via the Store on or your PageLines admin.

Documentation for using Jigoshop can be found on their website. And we’ll be adding documentation as needed for use within the PageLines Framework and associated products.

Stay tuned for more to come!

22 Responses to "eCommerce for PageLines Has Arrived"
  1. In the demo, the “Add to Cart” option is only available on the “All Products” page, not on the pages for the individual page. Seems like an oversight?

      •  @pross  @sanderpinkse It is — for some products, but not for all… Try clicking on the Rocket thumbnail, for instance. And the navigation is a bit dodgy. There seems to be no way to get back to the “All products” page. But that’s nitpicking,,,

  2. I just installed and activated Jigoshop via the Paglines store and nothing seems to have happened. No pages created, no new widgets, no way to add products. Am I missing something? Am upgraded to framework 2.1.6 and using the “Ignite” theme.

    •  @riveray You have to actually install the Jigoshop plugin under wp-admin => plugins => add new, search for jigoshop then install and activate.

  3. Thanks for the quick answer. Am wondering why there is an option to install via the store then. Also if installed as a regular plug-in then not integrated into the framework, which the demo version seems to be ( rather than as is when I install via the plug-in route. When done that way the page doesn’t display well.

    •  @riveray Its two plugins, Jigoshop, provides the store plugins and all the functionality. Our plugin adds support for it and styles it within PageLines Framework.

  4. Forgive me, but will this work with Woocommerce — or is it better to integrate without this plugin []

    •  @consciousimages Our JigoShop compatibility plug-in is only for JigoShop and not WooCommerce. If you wish to use WooCommerce, you should not use our JigoShop plug-in.

  5. I am unable to find a “set as featured image” option anywhere to set the main image on the product page.  The jigo help says it is supposed to be under the tag area, but all I see are pagelines options.

    • Also, any tips on changing the layout?  I have the main image, with everything below it.  I’d like to try to put everything but the description beside it.

    • Also, the “shop” page does not seem to care about my “hide primary sidebar” check, while the “cart” page does.

    •  @SeanLocke Some of the pages are dynamically generated while others are actually pages. You need to do 2 things.
      1. Visit WP -> PageLines -> Meta -> Product Archive. Set the settings there as you want the pages to appear.
      2. Visit WP -> Pages and edit the Jigoshop created pages. Set the PageLines Meta Settings at the bottom to achieve your desired display settings.

    •  @SeanLocke Check the WordPress screen options and make sure “Featured Image” is checked

  6. Hey Gang,
    I’ve installed and been trying to get working with Jigoshop.
    It seems that the pagelines integration is great – but Jigoshop’s plug-ins (even the approved ones) are not good!
    Check the forums before you buy anything.
    I purchased the Stripe and USPS plug-in and NEITHER ONE work.
    Very disappointed and frustrated.
    – drew

  7. I’m selling t-shirts, i cant seem to find an option to add small medium or large, long sleeve and so on. do i have to make a product for each of these?

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