DMS 1.1 – All about speed.

Today I’m excited to announce that we’ve released version 1.1 of PageLines DMS. This release was designed to speed up both creation workflow and site performance. We’ve done this by “getting back to basics,” essentially we’ve stripped out many unnecessary components and worked to simplify the core system.

Overall there were nearly 300 code commits and 50 closed tickets since the last release. Let’s go over what’s changed…

Less Code, Better Performance


In 1.1 we’ve removed TONS of legacy code that in most cases did nothing but slow down page loads. In the end, we removed over 18,000 lines of code with no loss of function.

Losing this code alone has increased page load performance 20% when using the editor and nearly 50% in the WordPress admin.

Because we lost so much code overhead, the system is now much easier to work with from a development perspective. This means we’ll be able to roll out new features and better extensions in the near future!

New Accordion Options

Drag and drop accordion options
Drag and drop accordion options

In the prior version of DMS, several sections required users to select the number of boxes, slides, etc… After making your selection the page would then be refreshed, displaying the user provided options. Moving these options or rearranging the items required a tedious cut/paste operation…

To fix this workflow issue, we’re now introducing a new ‘accordion’ style option type for creating and manipulating section objects.

For example, with iBoxes or the Sliders, you can now create, delete, or rearrange boxes and slides with drag and drop, point and click.  We think this makes content creation and arrangement a LOT easier and faster.

Other Improvements

Media Library Select

Media Library Image Select
Media Library Image Select

We’ve added the much requested ‘select from media library’ button to all image selectors in DMS. This was a challenge since it requires us to pull from an interface which is typically on the WP backend. But, we’ve figured it out and think you’ll like it.

Editor Loaders

Editor Loaders
Editor Loaders

We’ve also switched up the loaders in DMS to help with usability and experience. One major reason for this change is that people thought the editor performance was the same as the performance of your website when viewed by a visitor. This clarifies when the editor is being used and polishes the editor experience.

Fixes, Enhancements and more

Over 50 tickets were closed and tons of enhancements were added.  Everything from small tweaks to larger issues and bugs. Because of this you should have a smoother overall experience when using DMS, less prone to errors.

12 Responses to "DMS 1.1 – All about speed."
  1. Thank you guys! This is absolutely great news and really reinforces my faith in Pagelines as a company as well. BUT…I keep getting this error when trying to update on all of my sites. :(
    “An error occurred while updating DMS: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature”

  2. Disregard the error, looks like I might just be on a really bad connection at the hotel I’m in. I’ll be back in the US tomorrow and confirm from my office if its updating correctly.

  3. All my sites are working properly and faster with the new DMS 1.1.1.
    Congratulations to all!
    I would like in this link ““ a navigation bar similar there are in “Add to Page” and or at least an image appear in all the boxes.

  4. Thanks for the update… when is the next one?
    All my PopThumbs are empty or gone…
    And Media Library Select does not really work…

  5. omadrid Please let our support team know about your particular problems they will be able to investigate the problems for you properly. You can reach support on hello @

  6. Martin (Pagelines) omadrid You guys do a great job. I’m loving it. Defintiely a learning curve. My biggest issue – is page load time – and I think it’s a server limitation/

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