DMS 2 is here!

Today, I’m excited to announce the release of DMS 2. Since even before DMS 1 was released we’ve been working hard on the features that we’re introducing today. And we think you’re going to love them (and what they allow you to do!). So let’s get into it.

DMS 2 Objectives

The overall strategy for DMS 2 started with a single idea:

The Goal: “To give you significant advantages over your competition in terms of marketing performance, speed and design.”

This is a big goal, but DMS was already on course to get there. So, for DMS 2, we spent our time building out the vision. The main goals of version 2 were:

Beautiful Design (Rich Media, Animations, Post formats)
Add tools to allow DMS users create the most beautiful websites in the world.

Speed, Performance & Stability
Improve features that let people build faster, easier and better than they could with other tools.

Workflow & Management
Enhance the speed of workflow and website management with DMS

Search(SEO), Social, & Local
We wanted to build the best discoverability and social features around into DMS.

User Experience
Simply refine the user experience including getting started and learning DMS features.

Plug & Play Theming
We wanted to improve and document the plug-and-play theming toolset.

While these were the major objectives, they were implemented in some really cool new DMS features. Overall, there were nearly 700 commits and almost 100 tangible new features. So I’ll just summarize the major ones here.

First, seen the new DMS demo?

First, have you seen the new demo? If not, check it out, lots of the new features and sections are readily visible.

View Demo    Buy DMS    Your Account

Already own DMS? Just log in to your account and download DMS 2.

New DMS 2 Features & Benefits

Enhanced Media & Effects Support


DMS 2 features a completely reworked rich media toolset. Every full width element inside of DMS now supports the following features:

Parallax Scrolling Effects
We’ve built new translate parallax and parallax background modes into each section. (example)

Full Window Mode
Full width areas can now be set to full browser window size. (example page)

Background Images & Area Themes
All full width areas can have a set theme. This allows you to customize all text and graphics to match a background. (For example, white text on top of a dark image)

Video Backgrounds
We’ve added deep support for HTML5 videos on every full width element inside of DMS.

New Rich Interaction Sections

We’ve added 12 new drag & drop sections and reworked the rest. We wanted every section to have cutting edge functionality and performance so you could knock the socks off your customers or clients. Some highlights:

New Masonic Gallery Section
A beautiful new gallery section that uses custom post types. Ideal for portfolios or showcasing your features/work. Examples here.


New Quick Carousel Section
A new animated carousel that automatically moves. Super easy to add to a page and adds a great effect.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 3.59.58 PM
Quick Carousel Section

New Testimonials Section
Quickly add quotes and testimonials to pages and posts using this cool new section.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 4.01.13 PM
Testimonials Section

New Navi Section
New default navigation. Supports full width ‘megamenu’ functionality, search, and other modes.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 4.02.07 PM
Navi Section and MegaMenu

New Docker Section
A new section with a sticky sidebar and post type support. Designed for use with documentation or other long form content. (Example)

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 4.02.38 PM
Docker Section (Docs)

New Maps Section
A new section that leverages Google Maps was added. You can now add Maps in full-width mode and add as many markers to the map as you’d like.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 4.03.16 PM
Maps Section

New PopShot Section
A much requested section that we were featuring on for a while. This section includes screenshots that pop up on scroll for a very cool effect. Great for showing off a product.

PopShot Section
PopShot Section

New Social Sections
New social sections were added and existing social sections were refined.

New Sharebar Section
New Sharebar Section

Much Much More!
As we said before, nearly every section was refined. We’ve also made major changes to the post loop, sliders, navigation etc.

Post Format Support


This major version also adds support for WordPress Post Formats. Specifically you now can choose from the following post formats when creating new posts:

  • Gallery
  • Quote
  • Link
  • Audio
  • Video

We think these new formats are really gonna spice up your blog! To check them out, view the blog example on the DMS demo.

Custom Sections & Better Templates


One major workflow improvement in this release is the new custom section and template locking system.

We’ve added the ability to save custom sections. This allows you to easily move sections around between pages using drag and drop! Super cool.

Also templates and custom sections start out being linked to the original template now, which makes it easier to use and adjust an existing template.

Drag & Drop Enhancements

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 3.32.25 PM
New dual width mode

We’ve also cleaned up and stabilized most of the drag and drop functionality in DMS. Adding sections to pages is now faster and easier.

Additionally, we’ve added a new, dual width, mode to sections which allows many sections to be used in either full-width or content-width configurations.

Theming Tools

Upcoming DMS Core Theme

We spent a large amount of time working on a new CORE theming system for DMS. This allows DMS to power stand-alone themes instead of simply child themes.

In the coming weeks you’ll be hearing more about DMS CORE themes as we start to release and develop them for the PageLines Club.

This is just the start.

This article is just a rough outline of the roughly 200 new features and enhancements to DMS version 2. Stay tuned during the coming weeks for videos and more outlining all the advantages of working with this powerful new system.

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45 Responses to "DMS 2 is here!"
  1. Awesome.  I’m curious in the differences between the standard and developer editions of DMS2.  I don’t understand the “developer only features” on your pricing chart.  Please explain.

  2. RandyWalters  Good question, we have built a developer mode with performance analytics and logging. As well as different LESS handling modes into v2. Also developer versions comes w/ comprehensive PSDs for mockups. 

    All this will be covered soon once we finish launching v2 and posting all the content.

  3. arpowers RandyWalters  Great.  I’m excited for DMS 2!  I was an original Pagelines Framework user – sat out on DMS  as the subscription model didn’t fit my needs and I liked Platform Pro.  The new version looks great and I appreciate the pricing options this time around.  I’ll stay tuned.  Thanks!

  4. The new features sounds great – is there documentation about updating to the new versions of DMS (from DMS 1), or should the process be as smooth as a normal update, or are there any extra steps we should take?

  5. If this completely replaces the original DMS as a new system I’m going to flip. I’ve spent a lot of time creating custom sections and compiling mixings and code. Please tell me there is upscale compatibility?

  6. Question: Is DMS 2 backwards compatible with DMS 1 or will customers who bought the original product be thrown under the bus with no path to upgrade as was the case with previous “upgrades”? I can’t see any reason to ever trust this company again. Ever. After your previous disaster I wrote off my developer licenses and switched to Headway Themes. I will never look back. pagelines headwaythemes

  7. arpowers glennyboy  My god I do hope so. I’m a long standing Pagelines user and the complete change from Framework to DMS was a nightmare. I’ve invested a huge effort into DMS anticipating longevity. Are there docs on how to upgrade child themes from DMS to DMS 2 then?

  8. glennyboy arpowers  In DMS 2 we’ve built on the concepts from 1 and simply added or adjusted features that have been on the roadmap. 

    With anything else, we’ve carefully considered the upgrade process and so far people automatically upgrading from v1 have raved about how easy it was…  :)

  9. arpowers , looks sweet as a nut! Considering the mixed comments here can I just say loudly & clearly, THANKS FOR MAKING MY WEEK, first impressions are terrific! New features & flexibility look incredible & I’m beyond excited to integrate. #highfive

  10. Hmm, my Pagelines Forum id doesn’t work here. Just wanted to say that on my iPad the docker demo gives all the text and menu doubled, which seems like a bug.

  11. phimisters To answer the question, yes. DMS2 is compatible with DMS1, all extensions made for v1 should work no problem. The 3rd party authors have updated their products where necessary. We are not going to simply drop v1 as the codebase is so similar we will backport most major fixes into the v1 branch as we see fit.

  12. RandyWalters arpowers  Same here! I’ll reconsider Pagelines again after the DMS disasterous pricing model.

  13. Stephen Salstrand pross phimisters  Yes! Just download the PageLines Updater plugin from your account area, install it, put in your key and it will prompt the update to DMS 2.0. However, don’t forget to make a backup before doing that.

  14. grfnmoss  As already mentioned, we cant really answer billing enquiries on the blog ;) We have no idea what your account number/email is as the comment system never reveals your email address. Contact billing and they will help you out :)

  15. Absolutely love the DMS 2 Demo! So is the dms club download that I see in my current account the same as the new dms2?

  16. Hi ! Could we have the list of free extensions and premium extensions ? As I have several customers with pagelines, before changing to DMS2, would like to know the cost for me and my customers for extra extensions…
    Are the free extensions on pagelines still free on DMS 2 (boxes, soapboxes, banners, features, …) ?

  17. This looks great. Very pleased with the Testimonials section – I was looking for a way to do that for my site last week!

    Is DMS2 a free upgrade for DMS1 owners? 

    Is it possible to upgrade a site built with DMS1 to DMS2 easily without it breaking?

  18. pross  thank you for the quick and short answer but I need to know which extensions/functionalities are free and which one we have to pay. I paid 400$  and quickly you change the price and then you change for DMS. So before paying again, I would like to know what will be free and what won’t be.
    Do you have a list ?
    and what are the features for developers (one of the difference between standard and developers) ?

  19. I have Dev DMS 1.X what will be after upgrading to DMS 2 ?
    I have now DMS with PageLines Club Membership Should I pay to buy Developer CLUB-MEMBERSHIP ?
    If I wont to buy Developer CLUB-MEMBERSHIP I should pay 199$ and then pay 30$/Mon for lifetime with out paying again 199$

  20. mustafakadhem  You should be all set! If you already have DMS membership, you were grandfathered to the new plan. 

    Everything else should go smoothly. Just hit us up on the forum and we’ll do all we can to help ya out ;)

  21. saltedlolly  Should be! We grandfathered in everyone who bought DMS2.. 

    Also, yes for this release we spent an extra couple weeks just testing and making sure the upgrade was smooth as possible.. (however there’s always surprises, but nothing you can’t fix in a few minutes or less)

  22. Still looking for answers and not getting any

    Have been asking on the DMS ‘paid user’ forum for information about what is actually in the various DMS product purchase options. 

    Including  – What  are “All Premium Products & Tools”

    5 days since this paid user asked – no answer!

    Try again – Where is there a complete product comparison and features list for the different DMS purchasing options? – please

    And a guide to what it will cost to upgrade if you purchase a single year version?

    This is not an unreasonable request, especially from a paying customer.

  23. Did I miss the full list of what you are actually sign up and pay for?

    Also – there seems to be no control or guarantee over what you get, or for how long it will be supported

    PLEASE can we see it all in black and white

  24. Hi, I am also interested in knowing what the feature list is for Developers. So far I got a very vague answer which was.

    “The Developer edition has extra tools and features which will assist with creating client sites, such as reporting and logging tools, PSD files, and various Css/LESS handling modes.”
    Can you please expand on this pagelines… If you want people to buy your product you need to give a comparison..

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