Well-Designed Newsletters Generate Leads Faster Than Other Digital Marketing Tools

Based on an infographic posted by Mailigen, “54% of marketers rate email as the most effective type of digital marketing and the least difficult to execute.” It also stated that 89% of marketers revealed that this was their primary channel for lead generation.

Creating or designing and sending out newsletters to your subscribers is one form of e-mail marketing. It is an effective way to bring them back to your website and update them with your latest product releases or anything that is new in your website.

However, just because you send out newsletters daily, weekly or monthly doesn’t guarantee that your subscribers will actually read them and generate more leads to your website. Your goal is to be able to make them read everything, get them interested in visiting your web links and not immediately send it to the trash bin.

There are several reasons why people scrap e-mail newsletters right away without even bothering to check what’s actually in it. First, the title may not be interesting enough. Second, the content must be not engaging. And third, which makes up most of these reasons, has something to do with the design.

No one gets attracted to a badly designed newsletter, the same way no one falls in love at first sight with a frail person with old, rotten, crooked teeth.

Nobody says, “Oh wow, this looks like trash, I wonder what’s it all about. There must be something really good about it.”

But with a well-designed newsletter that’s actually engaging and has an interesting header, I expect subscribers to be clicking links in a heartbeat.

The question here now is, what does a well-designed newsletter look like and how do you make it more engaging?

To better answer and explain this, let us make a simple dissection of what it should look like to be more engaging and interesting.

The Header/Title


The title or the header has to be very interesting that even just a quick scan or a glimpse of it would make people want to visit your website in a flash of lightning.

When thinking of a title, always remember that no one wants empty, boring titles. Your title has to be witty and strong — something that exudes energy and invites people to read more.

No, it’s not “Look at our Monthly Newsletter!” It’s “You won’t believe what we have discovered this month!”

The Content


The content consists mainly of the body text where you write and simply explain to people what your posts are all about. This is where your convincing prowess has to be in full effect, as it is now your time to try to make people click on your links.


To direct your visitors to your website and earn traffic, you have to make sure your links are easily noticed. Sometimes people get easily attracted by links. When a link is in there, it seems like something is trying to make them want to click it.


The Design


This isn’t just about what you write about. It also pertains to the aesthetic feel of your words. You do not want to use small texts in various frilly fonts. You want it to be simple, but at the same time, fancy. It sounds contradicting, but you get the picture.


According to HubSpot, 65% of users prefer emails to contain mostly images while the remaining 35% prefer mostly texts.

Newsletters have to be visually appealing to be very effective. Photos make everything look better. However, it also depends on what kind of photos you are sharing. For newsletters, your photos have to be really creative, but still have to be relevant to what you are promoting or writing about.

(Sample Only)

As Social Media Marketing has started taking over various forms of marketing, marketers have also slowly taken aside the value of e-mail marketing. But it should also be remembered that majority of people also check their e-mails, the same way they check their social media accounts every day. Hence, creating newsletters would be a great add-on to your marketing recipe.

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