If You’re An Artist, Consider Creating and Designing Your Own Website

I was trying to analyze my follower/following demographics a few days back when I realized that most of the people I follow are artists. All these artists produce really good and high quality art — ones that you’d wish you could buy in an instant. They have their own style and specialties, but the common obvious denominator among them is that they don’t have a website. That is also one of the main reasons why they are on Instagram.

Instagram is indeed a great platform for showcasing your art or your brand. It is a good place to create your portfolio and effectively market yourself since many people are using it. However, having your own website is still necessary especially when you want to make money with your art.

When you are an artist, you have three main goals:

  1. To reach as many people (AKA your target audience) as you can
  2. To make your art work known
  3. To encourage people to buy your work and make money

All these goals can be achieved through Instagram, but do not forget the fact that Instagram is technically not yours. You are “somewhat” only leasing it and any time, Instagram has the power to remove your account whenever they see fit.

Once you have your own professionally designed website, that threat will no longer be your concern and you will be even more secure about getting clients and making more money.

Normally, people will just pay someone to do it. Otherwise, here is a guide for creating and designing your own website as an artist:


Choose a platform.

The very first step to creating your website is finding the best platform for your artwork. There are many platforms that offer website building for free. WordPress is apparently one of the best and most common platforms for website building. Many web developers use WordPress as it is sufficient and easy to use and customize.

Create your account.

Once you have chosen your platform, the next thing to do is create your account. It is recommended to use a business e-mail instead of a personal e-mail for this as it will help you sort out your e-mails.

Buy a domain.

Having your own domain is like achieving a degree. It’s like finally graduating with a Ph.D. A little exaggerated, but that’s how it surely feels.

When buying a domain, you will have to consider your website’s name. As an artist, you most likely want to be known by your name, although there are also some artists who create a separate brandname for their artwork.

Get a host.

A host is necessary when creating your website. Getting a host is like having your own house. Imagine getting your own house after many years of saving up for it. Imagine being so proud of this achievement. Of course, a host is not as expensive as a house, but you get the picture.

(Guide to choosing a host)


After creating your website, the next big step is designing it.

You have three options for this:

1 – Getting a theme.

Getting a theme is the easiest and fastest way to do it. First, you only have to choose an already-made theme. Second, you just have to download, install and activate it.

(Get themes)

2 – Hiring a designer.

Hiring a designer to help you with the look of your website is also an easy way to design it since you don’t really have to do it yourself. This is ideal when you don’t have enough time to do it. The only thing about this is it could be costly.

3 – Doing it yourself.

Yes. You can design your website yourself. Once you have created your website with your own domain and host, you can download plugins that can help you easily customize it.

PageLines Platform 5 is one great example of a tool that can help you design your website easily without using codes. Not being biased, but you can see it for yourself. You can check out these extensions that can help you with it.

(Download Platform 5)

Once you have successfully created and designed your website according to what you want it to look like, it will be time for you to launch it, connect it with your Instagram and start growing your business. 

To know more about the things that you should remember to include in your website, feel free to read this article and learn how to build a successful profile by reading This is How You Build Your Profile and Become a Successful Freelancer.