Create Multiple Blog Pages by Category

This video will show you how to create navigation items that link to category specific blog pages so you can separate content with more flexibility.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I was just trying to figure out how to do this last night. I can’t believe it’s that easy. I’ll be implementing this today and I truly appreciate it =)

    PS – I’ll be buying iBlogPro 4 very soon as well ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing. For dummies a little complicated. I use for the same solution the “Page Links To” plugin. This adds an extra block in your page / post dashboard. In fact this is overriding the standard Perma-link. It’s flexible and working very easy. I think it’s a better suggestion for solving this problem.

  3. @creatov,

    Easier, yes. Better, maybe not.

    Using a lot of plugins can often make things go haywire, but I’m glad that it’s working great for you!

  4. I am using your free template that came with GoDaddy WordPress hosting.

    This is an excellent video post and I would not figure out how to edit code to make separate blogs under the same domain name unless I saw your video.

  5. Hi cmunns,
    thanks for your advice. It works, but than I don’t have the chance to further custom the displayed page.
    I bought iblogpro3 and want to integrate a blog category into an existing page (that also shows up in the main navigation). I want to have customized words on that page in a box, and then let show automatically the blogposts of my blog’s special category.
    Any chance to do this?
    Thanks a lot in advance,

  6. This is exactly what I want to do for my site, but your video is too small to read the actual steps you’re doing. You should have a step-by-step guide that we can download for help; especially considering that your feedback is only given randomly between Monday and Friday!

  7. Great stuff – I am using platformPRO but cannot find the _nav.php and you mention the header.php instead. I looked at this one but cannot seem to recognize the spot where to add the categories URL .

  8. I love the video tutorial.
    I was wondering how to do the same thing in the header.php. I’m using StationPro3 and I do not see the _nav.php under the Appearance > Editor.
    What line would I then add the new nav.

      • O yea Alyson, I added a menu of category and that work well.
        O by the way, could you please remove my email since I made a mistake and enter my email instead of my user name.
        You can delete my comment if you have to.

  9. Thanks, great info.  How can put that link as a sub menu’d link in a drop down menu? Or in a footer site map?

    oops, just saw this is all changed in below thread… thanks though!

  10. Thanks, great info.  How can put that link as a sub menu’d link in a drop down menu? Or in a footer site map?

    oops, just saw this is all changed in below thread… thanks though!

  11. How do I get a higher res version of this video please? I’ve tried the Vimeo version and it’s just as blurry as this one. Thanks.

  12. Or, if you don’t want to deal with any coding, just use a plugin called Page Links To, and link a category to a menu item.

  13. I have an issue where using a widgit on the side menu bar to display a ‘category” of blog posts, works great using the page links to plugin, EXCEPT, it only displays the post title and snipit of the post, not the entire post. So for example a blog post that has a link in it, will show up using the category pages links to link, but the link won’t work until you click the title of the post to “open” the blog completely, then the link works. An example of this is on my website if you just click any of the posts short cut links to categories of postings from the right menu bar… Thanks in advance for any help!

    • Hi Ginger,

      I have reviewed your site and you appear to be using the TwentyTen theme. Therefore, we are unable to provide assistance, as this is a WordPress core theme and not a PageLines product. Therefore, I recommend you post your question on the WordPress support forums.

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