Coming back online…

For those who are not aware,’s static site files were deleted from the system not once, but twice on launch day.  We’ve been working at getting everything back to where it’s supposed to be; and I’ll write an update here.


First, just wanted to apologize for these issues. We’re not as responsive as we usually are, and we really REALLY would like to get back to creating AMAZING experiences for PageLines users.

The Systems We’re Working On…

Here are the main system that are down and the timeline to getting things back…

  • DMS Pro Activations:
    Some users are experiencing issues with activations. To our knowledge 80% of these should be fixed now. Any lingering issues will be dealt with by end of weekend.
  • Forums:
    The PageLines forums are going to be moved to: and should be back up by tomorrow morning. 
  • Legacy “Launchpad” Customer System:
    This will be moved to and should be back up for you by tomorrow morning.
  • Upgrading Grandfathered Plus Subscribers:
    Working on this as well, everyone who was on Plus will be grandfathered to DMS Pro Business or Developer by Monday.
Update: July 30th

By End of Week:

  • Fix on v2 Store API; which will repair v2 store, other issues.
  • v2 Store System,
  • Finishing up grandfathering Plus members into DMS Pro

The Story

First Hack

At around 11pm PST on Tuesday, as we were preparing to launch, someone noticed that was down.

When we went into the system to figure it out something was definitely wrong… Somehow all static files on the server had been deleted.

At this point, we suspected a hack but weren’t sure. PageLines has a great backup system and so the process of restoring the site began.  By about midnight PST the team had reoriented itself and discovered that some scripts and files were lost and would need to be rewritten.

By 4am PST the site had been fully restored to launch-ready status.

Second Hack

The team began to consider the possibilities as to what had happened and decided that *if* the server had been compromised, restoring a back up would not fully resolve the issue as that vulnerability would be in the backup. But it was the fastest way to get back up and running.

However, we did suspect that if it *was* a hack, the hacker would not be satisfied with how fast we’d recovered and would do it again in the morning.

Sure enough…

With the official Launch scheduled for 10:30am, at 10:21am, the site was compromised and all static files were lost for a second time.

Time for a new server

At this point, no choice but to switch servers. So I called my friends at ZippyKid and FlyWheel; both wanted to help.

The server switch is where the issues come in, since everything has to be reconfigured and reinstalled. 

It’s important to note here that PageLines takes security very seriously.  Especially the security of users’ personal information.  None of that information was compromised.

How it happened?

If we were hacked, it has nothing to do with PageLines software and probably not WordPress either.

Most likely someone was able to gain some access to the filesystem through a backdoor in a WordPress plugin we were using. They had probably figured this out over the past weeks, and were biding their time until we were close to launch.

Backdoors can  be tough to find and are often well disguised. For this reason we have disabled most plugins, and are checking these systems.

Thanks for your patience and support

We want to say “thanks” to the community including PageLines developers, enthusiasts and especially the members of the ‘300’ who have supported us through this.

You guys are the reason we work so hard and your support in social media and blog post comments helped tremendously.

Finally, checkout the #PageLines (or #PLSTRONG community hashtag) to see what people are saying or talk w us. :)

134 Responses to "Coming back online…"
  1. Andrew,
    How are customers meant to contact the staff at Pagelines, surely you should have a ‘Contact’ page somewhere????
    Anyway, I wanted to know why on the Purchase screen it says:
    “DMS Launch Sale!
    Purchase by August 7th and take an additional10% off any plan for the lifetime of your subscription. 
    Use coupon code: dmslaunch”
    Yet on my Order page it says:
    “ORDER DISCOUNT:     -$10 up front then $0 / year discountORDER TOTAL:     $86 up front then $96 / year”

      • Dominic Church GroovyGrovesy Thanks Dominic.  99.999% of websites that have a contact page have a link to it from their home page.  I would have thought PageLines would do the same especially with such a big launch / servers being hacked etc happening.
        Also as an update to my previous comment, I find it interesting that the Discount text I quoted before has now been removed from the order page.  I hope it’s not a case of “delete it and deny it ever existed”.  
        If you advertise a deal then you have to honor that deal.

  2. Hang in there guys. Wishing you all the clear-headedness you must be needing through this. Over the past months many of us have had the pleasure to experience the powerful features that DMS is offering, and I have no doubt that in the near future many more will. 
    Wishing you strength and clean(ed) code. :)

    • i keep getting: ERROR: Too many failed login attempts. Please try again in 9 hours.
      ERROR: Too many failed login attempts. Please try again in 24 hours.
      I really don’t have time for this..

  3. Andrew,
    I purchased the DMS pro dev annual subscription on launch day. Used the dmslaunch discount code, which was acknowledged by form & accepted, but didn’t get the extra 10%.
    I know you guys are busy because of the hack but I still haven’t had this resolved yet.
    DMS itself great but some sections ‘missing’ which are mentioned in DMS documentation such as PostPins, response gallery & TwinShot. When will they be available please?

    • +1 – Hope we’ll get soon too the Banner, Boxes, Branding, Feature sections of Framework via a sort of DMS ready “PageLines Legacy Sections plugin”, and the free plugins such as Action Map, Customize, Browser Specific CSS which in my own case do not appear in the “installed & activated” DMS store (same situation for you Lighthouse Rich?).

      • erwanlescop Lighthouse Rich I was only using 2.0 in the free demo mode.  Was about to purchase it but held back as DMS was announced and purchased DMS on launch day instead.  However, yes I was also expecting those ‘sections’ (features) that were within 2.0 to be in DMS.  It was described as if they were part of it plus more.  Did I misunderstand that? Are they not included?  If not, they aren’t in the new DMS store to buy anyway!

      • Lighthouse Rich As an introcuction: Pagelines support forums are now available again, and as you might already know PL team & community of advanced users are as always extremely reactive and proactive there. Most of these issues/questions are already raised in quite a few topics/threads.
        1. I actually didn’t expect to see PL v2 Banners/Boxes/Features/Branding/Carousel… sections exactly replicated in PL v3 aka DMS, it was just my own expectations, especially for the Branding one, and mainly for smooth migration concerns; I never read anywhere they would/should be available in DMS. Especially since DMS offers alternate and improved sections (e.g. Carousel –> Flipper, Features –> RevSlider, Boxes –> iBoxes & Bootstrap Grid), except for Branding: but the DMS can easily propose alternatives (using Grid, MediaBox,…). See for instance this thread I opened:
        2. As regards to “Pagelines Plus” sections (PostPins, TwinShot,…) and free plugins (Customize, Browser Specific CSS…) mentioned in DMS documentation and not yet avaiblable: it looks like there are not fully DMS ready atm, but I’m pretty sure they will be soon popluated. See for instance:

      • erwanlescop Lighthouse Rich Thanks for the info on all of that; much appreciated.
        I’m a newbie to the WordPress / PageLines & DMS arena having come from many years of using Dreamweaver.

        Thanks again :-)

      • Lighthouse Rich
        You’re welcome, any time!
        You really made my day by comparing DMS to Dreamweaver I used 10 years ago and did’nt even remember of: thanks a lot for the giggle :) ! More seriously, I think the best recent comparison is here, enjoy:
        Best regards.

  4. Please prioritise restoring Framework, then sort out DMS. We have existing sites we need to maintain and I cannot add any new sections etc. to my existing sites until the Framework store functionality is restored. I’m not interested in DMS because of the subscription model, but I do expect to be able to continue using the Framework I have already purchased.

    • fyi, small trick i learned re dms – many times the dms features will turn off after something new is enabled such as a plugin or template; the features will turn back on after clicking backing into the wordpress dashboard, and then clicking back onto the site.

  5. Andrew, thank you for the transparency.  I am activated now, I’m in,  up and running and in process of building my vision – big legacy project – on DMS. I have to tell you that I am inspired and so THRILLED with DMS. I could not be happier.  It is fabulous!!!!  I Thank you so much for all the hard work you and your team have put forth to create and deliver  what I believe is the best thing to come along in web development in a long time.  Happy, inspired, amazed, wow-ed, awed, thrilled!

  6. Well done Team, especially through your difficult ‘server’ issues.  I just wanted to say I love DMS.  You have totally delivered. I  found the learning curve on DMS very, very low. It is very intuitive. Combining block like structure with the sections which you can configure on the spot (no going to the back ad), provides a natural design approach. I held back developing my new site for my recently released Children’s Book, while waiting for DMS.  I was not disappointed  with DMS and expect to have a live site in the next two weeks.  As a non techie I do have some feedback which I will share in the 300. Cheers Team, you all deserve a beer!  Rik

      • fordtheword Login to PageLines Account (top right). I then get My Account page which shows ‘My Subscriptions’, ‘Available Downloads’ and ‘Recent Orders’. In recent orders it shows my order number and to the right is a ‘view’ button – click it! You should then see your subscription details and Licence Key.
        Hope it works for you! :D

      • TheRedBaron fordtheword Thanks! I notice it’s avalable as a download. But on My Subscriptions it says: “You have no active subscriptions.” even though I actually have an active Plus subscription. I find that a bit odd.

      • TheRedBaron I’m simply wondering how exactly I get my Pro key as I have a Plus subscription.

      • fordtheword TheRedBaron I am having the same issues, i can not login to my pro account anyone got any ideas as to when this will be sorted out?

      • MartinRob fordtheword TheRedBaron If you are a Pagelines Plus Member, you’ll be grandfathered today (Monday). As Pagelines describes it in the this blog post (above):
        “Upgrading Grandfathered Plus Subscribers:Working on this as well, everyone who was on Plus will be grandfathered to DMS Pro Business or Developer by Monday.”

      • PetraNiedermoser MartinRob fordtheword TheRedBaron Cool so i can look forward to getting back onto my account at some point today then.

  7. Not looking good for people needing to use Framework. What’s the timescale for getting our services back up and running? 
    Note to all the people excited about DMS – remember this will be you in 2 years time when DMS vanishes: locked out and no way to make changes.

      • Kyle_n_Irving flidget Thanks for the link Kyle. I see it’s already posted in the forum. The forum is not working as it was before and I needed to reset my password as indicated at the top of the forum. I’m struggling to see how some of these issues were caused by the so called hacker, just by deleting static files. Anyway, regarding the plight of the  Framework customer: The official Pagelines reply is not satisfactory (extract below). I feel like I’m a man on the titanic. Last in the queue for a lifeboat and probably going to freeze to death before the software is rescued.
        Rob, on 28 Jul 2013 – 4:11 PM, said:
        Willem, the only thing I can say is it will be fixed when it is fixed.  We have no timeline or estimated time of arrival.  I apologize for the inconvenience to you and your clients.  We all just have to wait and watch as our development team fixes one bit at a time.

      • flidget Kyle_n_Irving I trully find it hard to believe as well that any of this was to do with a hacker lol.  IMO it was not a hacker but a slacker.

  8. Now i am showing as having no subscriptions even though I have an active plus subscription.  I have also tried logging in on one of my websites and it does not recognise me!  How do I get access to my subscription – I can’t even download the DMS – so I am hobbled as far as updating my websites is concerned.  HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    • rabergemann I also can’t wait to get started :)) I think it’s going to work today, as I commented below.

      If you are a Pagelines Plus Member, you’ll be grandfathered today (Monday):
      “Upgrading Grandfathered Plus Subscribers:Working on this as well, everyone who was on Plus will be grandfathered to DMS Pro Business or Developer by Monday.”

      • PetraNiedermoser rabergemann  – yes – it says “by Monday”  – do we have any idea when?  I have things to do this morning and cannot get into any areas of my site management.

      • PetraNiedermoser rabergemann 
        Joys of being an international subscribed – it is almost midday here!!

      • PetraNiedermoser rabergemann So i guess those of us who are not pageline plus members but have developer license are grandfather out into the cold or we have to pay to be grandfathered into the warmth of DMS lol… sounds funny but am not pleased with Andrew and his team, its a bull dog approach which means all they are concern about is DMS and not PL which i guess have been using for over 3years or more… to be a loyal customer means nothing to PL… 
        i wish you all well and i shall be closing my account as soon as my transfer to your competitor is finalise. 
        so long…

      • knowtheoffers PetraNiedermoser rabergemann and on top of that the answers/replies from PageLines on complains are just arrogant! But be warn more and more blogs are appearing that are pointing out these issues.
        I know that there is a contingent of “real” satisfied old/new customers out there, but that does not mean that PageLInes is all that wonderful! cause the “little” group of unsatisfied customers is growing!

      • knowtheoffers PetraNiedermoser rabergemann Who is the competitor??? Are they strapped wtih Bootstrap?  I may get my money back then follow you out the door.  I have tried to get PL to sell my co. their old platform which was still new for us (“PageLines”) and then they can continue with their “DMS” and just let us take over PL but no word.  I just want the old back up so those who want the old can roll and those who want to convert feel free…no pun intended

      • PetraNiedermoser rabergemann I have to address this one more time, because I didn’t receive any answers.
        I purchased PL in april and a few weeks later DMS was announced. Because I bought the framework only (to try the framework and then perhaps upgrade to a plus account), I don’t get an upgrade and have to pay allover again. But… the deal was that I would get updates for a year, but now PL is EOL and I bought something that will not be developed anymore. That sucks. Why is there no offer to people like me? What’s the idea behind this? It gives me really such a bad taste in my mouth about PL as a company.

    • rabergemann Hi, I think they are still ironing out the kinks – and Monday – mentioned in the blog post will be US time.
      Try the forum for support as that is now up and running.

      • Kyle_n_Irving rabergemann 
        Thanks Kyle – do you have a link?  As I say, I cannot log in – have only been able to get here by linking to an old email but get logged out when I try to go anywhere else

      • rabergemann Kyle_n_Irving somethings are still being fixed – this afternoon more news will come – i am sure.

      • Kyle_n_Irving rabergemann 
        Many thanks Kyle – appreciate the feedback.  At least it helps a little when we have to go back to our clients and tell them the systems are down to be able to give an estimated up-time.

  9. Hi, 
    what about people like me with a pagelines developer license without plus membership? 
    When i submit my pagelines login credentials within some wordpress installation i cannot access the sections, themes and plugins i’ve already bought.

    I have the same problem when i login at, how can i access and download my plugins and how can i buy some new plugins?


      • Kyle_n_Irving Login page as well as pageline store through wordpress… both are not working

      • coccini Kyle_n_Irving with alot of people have been experiencing browser cache problems – try logging in on a differnt browser – this problem is hapening even when people have cleared the cache. 
        for the wordpress dashboard are you talking about DMS or Pagelines V2 ? If Pagelines V2 it is a known issue and hopefully will be fixed ASAP.

      • Martin Bay coccini the store is not available from wordpress dashboard on framework – due to hack and store move – you can access all your products via the though.

      • Kyle_n_Irving Martin Bay coccini Oh yes, but that will not take you to the store so you can download free or purchase new plugins & sections!
        I (and others) want to get access to the store through their Framework sites… I very disappointed in the lack of repair and official info from Pagelines.

  10. As a PageLines Framwork (previously PlatformPro) dev customer, i am trying my best to keep my faith in PageLines, but i’m afraid that PageLines is really streching it to much.  
    My complains about support are not taken serious, and when i do get an answer, it sounds arrogant, as if i should have no reason to be angry/frustated!
    There’s, IMHO, no appreciation at all for existing customers (i know, i have said it a few times before)
    But please take a look around the net (check the tweets) cause i am not the only one, ppl are complaining (still today) about support questions not being replied, activations that are not working, customers who can’t login, existing ones who can’t find their previous purchases anymore.
    Meanwhile, blogs are emerging, expressing their worries/concerns about PageLines DMS (and they all do agree that it as real potential), just because the above.
    I got the feeling that PageLines doesn’t care about existing customers leaving them, for previous mentioned reasons, i will probably be one  among them who will leave PageLines (after 4 years). I have been using other (well known) “frameworks” who generally (to my experience) have had better pricing discount, when new versions are released, for existing customers, and better support as well.

      • Mictlan x3mgroup Pagelines is heavily reliant on Bootstrap to do most of the visual design.  If you search for that, you’ll start seeing a lot of similarities with other themes that utilize it as well.  There are html5 templates for around $10-30 that look exactly like DMS (minus some very minor font/color/styling stuff).  Even looks like some of the “premium”themes in the store are using large pieces of other common templates.
        It’s telling that on the Pagelines homepage, of the features listed none highlight any design possibilities with DMS.  It’s just a Bootstrap template, which shows various screen caps of the store and the stock WP admin back-end.
        If you’re looking to mimic the core v2 Framework look, take a look at the free version of the Responsive theme.  I just converted a long gestating client site design done with Pagelines v2 to Responsive with the help of a WP custom html plug.  It looks very close, the client didn’t even notice the change.  The custom css used was even about 30-40% less than the Framework version.  It doesn’t have all the little bells and whistles, but it does include a fair amount of page templates and layouts for a free theme.

    • x3mgroup its a great shame you feel that way – as a fellow customer of nearly 4 years i do empathise with your frustration. I speak with the Pagelines team on an almost daily basis and they do appreciate each and every client they have. The don’t always communicate effectively and over the years there have been support issues. 
      What we are experiencing now though is a completely unique situation. Pagelines was hacked twice on launch day, they had to move server and move their store to a different architecture. This meant they had to move all subscribers to the new platform. 
      As if it wasn’t enough that they were launching ( a tense, stressful and busy activity) and trying to differentiate between genuine customer concerns and the trolls and they had to rebuild everything from scratch.
      Not everything is completely back yet but most of it is. 

      DMS activation keys should work – if you haven’t recieved one or yours isn’t working then:
      For support
      Email [email protected]
      To access legacy products 
      If you would like to have more information and be more up to date with what is happening, get invovled
      If you feel you have been dealt with arrogantly – point out to that person that you perceived their tone to be arrogant – temperatures have been running high lately, very long days under extreme pressure has probably meant that terse replies have been given. Of course i do not speak for any one, i just know from experience that often what we perceive was not the intention – especially with written communication. 
      It would be a shame if you chose to work with another product from now on and there are many out there that do similar tasks to Pagelines and i have tried a few of them. Like most builders though once you have a favourite hammer you tend to stick with it.

  11. I deactivated the visual editor in my browser for DMS temporarily and now the button to reactivate it will not let me do so. When I click on it, it does nothing. I’ve tried disabling and re-activating, disabling other plugins and nothing is working. I did also notice that it also is covered up by the WP admin bar at the bottom when I’m not using the “Remove Admin Bar” Plugin. Any thoughts on this?

    • jfreemom Hi – you should ask that in the forum – that is a strange one never had that happen.

      • Kyle_n_Irving jfreemom OK…I’ll do that…I am experiencing alot of problems with the new DMS. Some of the sections are not working in the browser…you click the update button and nothing is getting updated. Very frustrating to say the least.

      • jfreemom Kyle_n_Irving Might be a conflicting plugin running Javascript. I also had that and had to disable some plugins to get it to save.

  12. BEWARE! This roll out of the new DMS is not compatible with the previous pagelines framework. The previous framework no longer connects to purchased items from their store. Support for answering any questions that address what happens to all the developers that have paid for the framework and not DMS is silent. Be forewarned all to are looking at DMS as a viable platform.Not able to edit from anything aside from chrome. No update / migration from the framework to dms leaves all those who supported PageLines over the years, high and dry. Stranded.

  13. This was found in the Pagelines Facebook page.
    With descriptions of upgrading from PL to DMS.  Basically, take the modifications DMS does to your site and try to fix it OR redesign your site within DMS from scratch.
    Thanks PL

    • Invisioning Hi, if you need support with your migration try the forum – there is a way you can get legacy products to work with DMS, it involves putting them in a wrapper and treating them as a plugin. 
      If you need to find your Framework/Legacy products they should be here If any are missing then email [email protected]
      hope that helps.

  14. PetraNiedermoser  Good to see you again :) I have had no luck getting PageLines to sell us the old platform.  I am trying to help out all of us who have the old platform.  It was a great starting point for anyone to expedite their projects.  Now I fear that PL have just made a complete mess of things.  If they wont sell us the old platform so we can get others back up and running, the least they could do is reactivate it themselves.  BTW  If you have not seen Wolverine yet, go watch, it was AMAZING :)

  15. @PageLines  Come  on guys, what are you doing!!!  We are all being very patient.  All we are asking is stop trying to force us into your broken piece of “DMS” and reactivate the old.  Give us a choice!  Let those who want to migrate do so and let the rest of us continue on our merry way.  We understand that this is your world and we are just living in it.  However, don’t forget, we purchased land in your little world.  That should entitle us to a little say.

    • Brenden Hi, if you have already purchased the Framework you will be able to find it here 
      If you need support you can go to the forum

      btw DMS is not broken. I currently have 2 sites up using DMS, what i love most about it is the speed i am able to build sites at. So much faster than Framework, as with everything new though it takes a little getting used to.

      • Kyle_n_Irving Brenden   All new workflows take a little getting used too.  I appreciate the friendly advise on where to find it. I do know where to find it though.
           However, I beg to differ with you and so will over 200 people who have complained about DMS being broken.  I am glad you have 2 sites running on it.  However, my company purchased the “Old Framework” Pro Dev v and we put up over 20 sites in 2 weeks that are now also broken because they have failed to complete a smooth transition.  PL is failing misserably and you will not get any brownie points for sticking up for their failures, you will only get a brown nose.  
          They had a great platform and they dumped it for greed.  I don’t blame them for wanting to make more money, we all want that, but too force those who don’t want to go to the DMS system is just greed and bad business.

      • Brenden  there is no reason why your Framework sites would be broken – i have 20+ they are all running fine – just can’t access the pagelines dashboard at the moment but i can get everything i need from launchpad.
        i even have 3 pagelines pro sites and they are still running fine. 
        as to your comment regarding the colour of my nose – that is very personal, however,  i am sure your intention was not to insult. Thanks

      • Kyle_n_IrvingBrendenNo my intention is not in insult.  It is to point out that sticking up for PL is not going to get things fixed.  It simply sends a message of tollerance.  A message that says it is ok to screw those who have already paid good money and just want to go back to doing what we do best and that is not complaining about there lack on forums.  We just want to get back to programming.  
        We paid for convenience and your statement,  “just can’t access the pagelines dashboard at the moment” is counterdictive.  The fact that none of us “just can’t access the pagelines dashboard at the moment” denotes that it is broken.  This is a big inconvenience when we are trying to access our store and prior purchases, sections, plugins, etc.
        Your happy, that is great, I am happy that you are happy.  However, if I were like you I would still be stuck with a pair of shoes I bought online that fell apart.  No, I want and get what I paid for or I get refunded, as we all should.

      • Kyle_n_Irving Brenden Hi Kyle, hope you nose is quickly returning to normal colour :-) One man’s definition of broken is allowed to contain the fact you cannot currently make any enhancements to the exiting sites in terms of new or improved sections etc. I fully support this view which is a simple premise, you cannot do now what you could do when it was working – so it’s broken. Also, there is no obvious action underway to get it working again or any explanation of how deleting static files as mentioned in the posts about the hack caused this problem in the first place. On the up side, as we all sit around waiting on Pagelines to fix their product we have plenty of time to bash away on this blog.
        —snip from the support forum—
        Rob, on 28 Jul 2013 – 4:11 PM, said:
        Willem, the only thing I can say is it will be fixed when it is fixed.  We have no timeline or estimated time of arrival.  I apologize for the inconvenience to you and your clients.  We all just have to wait and watch as our development team fixes one bit at a time.

      • Brenden Kyle_n_Irving you can get everything you paid for in the launchpad.
        yes thats not as convenient as via the dashboard and i am frustrated about that as well, however,  posturing on here is not going to help. better channels are email or forum. and if you really want a refund – email is the only route.
        and if you want to hear me complain just tune into the call lovefilm is about to get…

      • Kyle_n_Irving Brenden Hi Kyle, when I login to Pagelines I don’t see any of my purchases. How do you get to this launchpad you mention. PS bash Lovefilm for me too please.

      • flidget Kyle_n_Irving you are right fidget – we all have our own definitions. 
        right now all your products should be in the – i know mine are – i know its not as convieniant as using the dashboard but its a solution and it works for now. 
        i am not sure what the short term plan is with the dashboard store – i have asked for it to be fixed like everyone is. and i know that they are working on it.  
        the store is now in a new infrastructure and they used rss feeds previously  to keep the dashboard up to date. 
        this is a small team and there are a lot of things they have to fix. i don’t want to come over as an apologist – however – we are builders and we find solutions – and right now – as inconvenient as it is – we have to get our products from the launchpad.

      • Kyle_n_Irving

        Hi Kyle,
        I really don’t mind using the “new” Framework launchpad vs. dashboard, not a big deal… provided we have all (or at least most of) the products we bought.
        Which is unfortunately still not the case atm, or I miss something ;)
        As far as I’m aware: 95% of PL v2 – Framework free plugins are not available (except the one and only “Grid Shortcodes”), many free sections are not available and/or can’t be activated, and not a single Plus plugin/section (yes, I’m a Plus susbcriber) is available.
        I really hope I’m wrong ;) !
        Best regards.

      • flidget Kyle_n_Irving Brenden Wow- they said that? Rob has always been AMAZINGLY helpful to me in my ridiculous bouts of “what the hell am I doing wrong.” I’m so very bummed that we have all been essentially forgotten. IT MAKES NO SENSE that the post-snafu fix was to their new system and not all the professionals who depend on them to fulfill their end of the contract we ALL entered into when we gave PL our hard-earned money.
        I’m so effing irritated I could spit.

      • Martin Bay Kyle_n_Irving Brenden I’m looking for those free plugins and sections as well. I added a topic about this in the forum yesterday, but no reply yet. I can only see premium plugins, even with my ‘Framewok only’ account.

  16. Wow. I now have 0 karma points in my account, but no grandfathered subscription. Waited 3 weeks with a Clients Project because of DMS. Habe been patient. Now it’s time to say…

    • PetraNiedermoser And you were giving me a hard time about my patience the other day lol.  We spent one week in workflow workshops to learn this new system and they dumped it on us 2 weeks later. Grrrrrr  I feel your frustrations… Hang in there… In the mean-while you might want to bust out notepad and start programing the ol’ fasioned way ;)

    • BTW 

      By End of Week:
      Fix on v2 Store API; which will repair v2 store, other issues.v2 Store System,Finishing up grandfathering Plus members into DMS Pro

      • Brenden It’s quite a bit ironic, that we get karma points (from pagelines ;;)) while we wait for using what we’ve paid for. 
        And while we speak of karma… the whole concept of karma does not fit to this attitude. That’s not the way I want to make business. If I were a private user, I’d be patient and wait. But I have a dev license and a plus account because I work with clients, and also THEY work with clients. Need a partner who does business like a pro.
        Hack or not, the WAY they handle this, has nothing to do with some launch problems. It’s about attitude, respect and professionalism.
        Sometimes you can’t be faster. Because time is time. For all of us. And sometimes unexpected things are going an. Important is the way you handle this things and whether you are able to use the potential or not.

      • PetraNiedermoser Brenden  Very well put Petra  I could not agree more.  I personally would give you oudles of karma points.  You have been more patient then me, that is for sure.  I had to start taking yoga classes this week just to keep calm lol While we wait and gain “Karma points” for our patience, we look unprofessional to our clients.  I despise liars and lieing and I am not about to use the lame excuse to my clients that PL did with us, “We were hacked…whaa” wait we were hacked again… Come on enough is enough.  Put it up or shut up… I mean how hard is it to just put up the old platform as well.

  17. What a mess, as always with Pagelines. 
    Do we now have to pay again to keep using this Framework or should I say the “revolutionary” DMS system??? 
    I don’t see any revolutionary thing about it. Still the same features, still the same Drag & Drop thing only now it is kinda in your browser window underneath the site and not via the backend of WordPress. Ok, maybe a bit more handy. But is what is so revolutionary about this?
    I also don’t understand their pricing system. I has changed again. First you had Pro and Dev, then you had that “Plus” thing and now again something else.
    The fucking thing is that when you have about 10 sites running on Pagelines you have to swallow with this crap.

  18. well,
    I reading too long post about patience and service about Pagelines service… people be patience!
    For the Pagelines team this is a crucial time about a new direction about the web design, web service and a  big hack in the system.
    Everyboy knows that the past PL service  can make a lot of web design by the same price.
    Now is time to make a move forward – together.
    move on!!

    • MundoCaco Actually it’s a crucial time for all the people dependent on the products they purchased before DMS. It’s not that crucial for Pagelines; they still have all our money from the previous frameworks so they are not going to go out of business for the sake of a month’s delay on their launch. Unless they have spent it all. However, some independent contractors may lose income and long term client relationships, which is the really crucial point.
      There is a new direction in IT every year, or so the marketers would like you to believe. I wouldn’t fall for that hype if I was you. Look back through all these blog posts and try to find the advantages and new features that are not simply an expanded export and a new UI on old ideas. In reality there will be a lot of new code to lock down functionality and restrict usage under the new subscription model.
      A real new direction for Pagelines would be to have secure library management, source code control and staging servers for their products. Then there wouldn’t even have been such a massive catastrophe.
      We all want to move on, we are just waiting for Pagelines so that we can get back to where we were. Hopefully, Pagelines will implement much better (industry standard) source code safeguards and controls to prevent such a massive inconvenience for their existing customers going forward. 
      The only people who will benefit from this episode is in fact Pagelines, who should come out of this much more aware of the type of business they are proposing to operate and how much more they need to invest in traditional application development approaches and processes. The system uptime and availability required for a subscription system is very high. Multiple redundancy needs to be in place. Do we really think Pagelines can step up to this higher level of operation? It’s obviously not built in from the start, or we don’t know the full story behind the issues.
      DMS literally isn’t going to work on subscription if Pagelines isn’t able to keep their service running and get it back at the drop of a hat in case of a disaster. Think hard about this folks, it’s painful enough now, but all this code that needs recovering is going to be primarily concerned with making sure you cannot access the new functionality without the subscription option – it’s probably not code that gives added functionality and fundamentally it’s code with Pagelines’ benefit in mind.
      This “big hack” was supposed to be on the front end system, not the safe and secure development or test systems? It feels like they don’t even have a deployment package. Let’s hope going forward they have something simple like a transportable backup and scripted configuration instructions.

      • Hello @flidget I very much agree with everything you mention.
        In my personal case, this time of ‘disaster’ or break of Pagelines – and some of my clients – has made me think about how much I depend of Pagelines for my web design services.
        In my case, I do not depend 100% and makes me choose other options to continue to give good service to my customers and give a true value of the service provide Pagelines for me.
        Behind my comment, what I mean is: how far depend on Pagelines?
        I think they know their business, so this made me ​​rethink how is my business and my level of dependency of Pagelines. I need to know that I can choose, always.
        This is I think. :)
        Thank you!

  19. Hello, I honestly have to say that I’ve been a PageLines lover since the moment I discovered it, I think it has been a great tool to me and I am very grateful for what I was able to accomplished with the old framework system, however, this new DMS deal is forcing me to feel differently and a bit unhappy. I have build several websites using the framework and purchased a couple of templates that now are useless cause I can’t use them with this new system anymore. I don’t know how to tell my clients, “hey the framework I used to build your site, is now gone, so I will have to “recreate” your site design using a new DMS, which btw, was hacked twice”. How can I expect my clients to rely on me when I feel I can’t rely on PageLines anymore? I’m afraid that if I build new sites using DMS, PL will come up with something else and all my work and clients will be threaten again. I agree with Brethen, I think PL should give us a choice of keeping the old framework intact and migrate to DMS if we so desire, and make the transition smoothly.  I also don’t understand why PL destroyed the amazing support it had with the live chat for PageLines Plus ( Dev ), now what it is? A forum? The 300 community? PL please, 
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  20. Still can’t login through the site dashboard.  I’m on Framework, and have no thoughts of changing to DMS.  I have found docs where PL will keep Framework up and support it for 18-24 months.  That’s fine from where I sit.  I may adopt DMS; but in August, I’d like to launch the 6 sites I’ve already built in Framework first!

  21. At some point of their product development, they need to look at their users, determine who have large networks of sites or extremely large sites and figure out how to either help them migrate.  Or reassure them that the products and businesses that have been built with the most recent product are safe and supported in the launch of the new product.  
    I’m not sure if I ever saw an email saying something along the lines of “The Future of Framework after DMS”.  I’ll admit I may have missed it.  Did anyone else get something along those lines?
    Apple and MS support multiple OS’s for years after launch.  PL needs to be clear on how closely they will follow that model or not.

  22. hey guys, 
    i can’t login anymore. saw pagelines changed my status from developer to business and now nothing works anymore…

  23. Come on Pagelines – give us a realistic update, for goodness sake!!  I need to access my account from WordPress but I keep getting the message that I cannot access Pagelines with my username.  Entering Pagelines via the new launchpad link is useless if you are working through WordPress.  If there is another way to do this – please tell us!   I am really concerned that we are going to be just dumped into DMS and it will not work.

    • rabergemann Amen to that.  I’m working on a launch of 2 big and 4 smaller government sites.  I want to launch the week of 9/12, and I can’t migrate everything to DMS.

      • cookcountyblog rabergemann I know every company has its problems every now and then, but this is such bad customer service, especially since Pagelines knows we are dependent on their systems for our companies and clients

    • rabergemann
      This is what i have done and it is working for me (well its letting me get on and build sites) go to then log in you should see PageLines Framework v2.4.4 – Developer.(i am asuming you have a paid PL developer license)
      download the zip file. and any other sections you have bought will also be there for you to download and use.
      goto wordpress admin
      then upload the zip file.

  24. Are any current Framework users having problems loading stylesheets?  All of a sudden one of my stylesheets won’t load.  And on another site, somehow I’ve lost ALL categories from posts.  We’ve been and still are reviewing with our webhost now; but I understand things are pointing towards Pagelines.

  25. I am very very disappointed about the PL´s Product Policy! Why don’t they allow their customers to use the old Framework? They have paid for it. I´ve build many websites with the framework. What can i tell my clients? Never trust in PL again?! So please, responsible people in the PL company: Give us back the choice! If not – i will build my websites with other systems – no matter if the dms might by good …

  26. fvncy I appreciate your support, trust me we by no means meant to have any issues w/ v2 this week. We’re keeping it around and healthy.

  27. Jack Tummers we’re fixing those issues. We’ll also work with you to make you happy. Please just communicate and help us create the correct policy

  28. I’ve built and maintained 6 sites for Cook County Government. You might recognize that as being the home of Chicago. Started with Platform Pro. Have had no real complaints until now–2 weeks before I’m supposed to relaunch all 6 sites in Framework.
    Now I’m getting problems with style sheets that wont load in Framework. Worked through a problem on one of the new sites yesterday, now it crops up on a different one. will it work properly on launch day? Up until yesterday i was positive. Now Im fearful.
    Although I’ve read on their site that I can continue to use Framework, I’d like to hear something definitive telling me that I’m good to proceed on the platform I’ve spent 8 months developing sites on.
    Someone also talked about a PL pro group that was for hire. If these problems continue, I’d like to hire them. They should quickly be able to fix what it took my vendor and GoDaddy support hours trying to figure out.

    • cookcountyblog nothing that way should have broken, everything else should be back to normal by tonight. We’ve switched the server strategy.

  29. I’m leaving PL and DMS.
    With the level of communication and customer service for those of us who have help them grow, I cannot take the uncertainty of having to re-create all 200+ of the sites we provide service to.

    To have us sidelined because of a new product, make it NOT backwards compatible OR provide any migration options other than a complete rebuild, make us flounder with having to FTP the plugins we’ve purchased and try to guess to the correct locations, barely answering any concerns in the forums and kicking us in the nuts with the “Pay our new price and anything you paid before is gone” is business suicide.   
    Best of luck guys.
    I’m not putting my business in your hands again.

    • Invisioning 
      Here! here!
      I can’t put it more clear thank you. We built a business model around framework and since pagelines is not giving us any real reason to stay. I am talking as a pro business client not sure developers think a like. Anyhow cost me the same upgrade now that if I decide to comeback in the future. So its time to rethink why should I put all my eggs in one basket. what happen if the basket decide to change again with any option of choice. But that is just the nature of business. As I mention in the past I am sure this was a calculated decision.
      Best of luck.

  30. I am generally happy with PL.  But I am noticing the following problems:
    1.  Page text colors– when I change color of H1 elements, it is NOT working/ manifesting.
    2.  Google API is not working.  I inserted the Google Font I desire, and even included the Google Font style HTML/CSS in the PL Custom Code under header, and it is NOT working.
    3.  Post thumbnails are set to appear everywhere but they are NOT being shown.

  31. Now that things have settled down a bit and y’all aren’t scrambling, what details can you give us about the hack? Specifically, I’d like to know which plugin was exploited and which version. I keep things locked down pretty tightly, use SSL for wp-admin religiously. I’m currently using a multi-site WordPress installation (3.6), a child theme with the PageLines Framework, and will shortly be rolling out BuddyPress.
    Knowing the cause of the hack and which plugin was exploited would be lovely. Many thanks.

  32. I am not a developer. I have no time for it anymore and my skills are way dated. I hired someone a two months ago to do the basic work. We are just about to start another round of development. Now you are telling me that I have to pay to have the work re-coded to work with the new product? Wow. Do you think you could alienate your customer base any more?
    Please confirm either here or by email that I understand your position correctly:
    1. You are discontinuing PL Pro and the older Framework products. 
    2. You are introducing a replacement product (DMS).
    3. You do not provide an automated path to migrate or upgrade sites developed on previous PL products. 
    4. Users that invested hours, days, weeks of development in the Framework and PL Pro sites must now invest their own time and/or money to have their old sites re-engineered to play nice with the new DMS product. 
    Assuming you respond in the affirmative… are you kidding me? I trust that you will not be billing any Pro accounts this month? You should be offering a three month refund to existing customers and support for those with migration issues. And that’s just for starters. 
    I’m not a lawyer but I do manage a law firm. I will be raising this with our team to review legal options. Any other users interested in learning about possible recourse can contact me at the following address: pagelines at bsociallaw dot com. 
    Pagelines, if you would like to reach me directly please find our phone number at or use the email above.
    Rory Phimister

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