In the last year PageLines has seen a TON of changes. Most of these changes have not led to changes you’ve seen publicly… yet. Why you say? Well, there are several good reasons for this, they are all positive and all top-secret :)

We can tell you that we have been working *hard* in the new PL offices in San Francisco. We can also tell you, you’ll be seeing something “ambitious” very soon.

So far, the positive feedback on drag-and-drop web design has been overwhelming! We had no idea the level to which this type of thing could help people, but it has.
With that, we’ve heard good ideas from customers in almost every walk of life. Many of which have been considered carefully and will soon be reality.

PageLines Beta Group
PageLines is also opening the Beta group back up for up to 5 new Beta team members. Check out the initial post for the PageLines Beta group, and why you should want to be involved here.

This time around we’re requesting that anyone applying be a full or part time web developer or designer, with a decent or better-than-decent looking portfolio. Email [email protected] for more information.

Subtle Hint: Beta members will have exclusive access to new PageLines products and you just might find news ways to make money with PageLines. :)


For anyone with some foresight, our opinion is that right now is a great time to get involved with PL. And we are definitely hiring for core team members.

PageLines core is looking to find some rockstar developers, designers, marketers and community leaders to help build something truly remarkable.

Please check out the careers page for information on getting involved. We will be able to offer you:

  • Full Benefits
  • Good Salary
  • A Badass/Fun Place to work in downtown San Francisco
  • Stock Options
  • Etc…

That’s all we can say for now, keep building and get ready…

26 Responses to "Soon…"
  1. So does that mean I shouldn’t purchase a theme now and better wait till “soon” turns “now”? Or would there be free upgrades to all the new features you are apparently planning to roll out?

  2. Hey Steven, that’s no “white pony” looking down from the window. I think it’s a gorgeous Arabian mare, probably with Gainey breeding (looking at her beautiful head)!

    PS: We love Pagelines! Thanks for creating it! Can I work from home in Arizona? LOL

    • Potentially, we’ve had tons of applications so we’re screening carefully at this point; but please send us an email if you’re interested.

  3. I am so excited about these updates!! Are we any closer to seeing them? Do you guys have a target date yet? I am crossing my fingers that there is added functionality for customizing menus. Can you give us any hints? ;)

      • We develop a lot of pagelines pro installs for dutch government. But we require more then 1.x is offering. Any whey we can get access to 2.0 beta? We need to make a decision to contineu using pagelines or switch…

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