Drag & Drop Themes for DMS

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that people really want awesome “custom” sites as fast as possible. DMS was designed to help with this, but the all important “starting point” still relies on the DMS theme you use.

Since the beginning is so important, we’re announcing a new category of product which we’re calling “drag and drop themes.” These DMS themes will give you a beautiful place to start that you can then customize, code-free, to your heart’s content.

Finally, today, we’re super excited to release Pretty Photo and Headlines, two brand new FREE drag and drop DMS themes with different personalities.

These are the first of a series of themes we’re building for DMS users. So check them out below and stay tuned for more…

Pretty Photo – DMS Theme


Pretty Photo includes some great and unique features and is our first theme to be released. iPad or iPhone? No problem. Automatically serve an optimized version of the Pretty Photo theme to your visitors who use tablet and mobile devices. Make sure you give the theme demo a spin on your iOS device to check it out.

Pretty Photo starts with a filterable main portfolio page that can be configured to be from two to four columns. A custom lists section makes it easy to tell everyone about your skills or what your work is all about. Show off your projects with images, galleries or 3rd party video. Pretty Photo really does have everything a creative human could ever need. Photos provided by our friend James Grissom.

Overview Demo

Headlines – Typographic DMS Theme


A no-hassle, technically advanced PageLines theme – with responsiveness, super code, multi-browser support & retina love. So clean and so beautiful, a crazy good theme that will show off the best of you without distraction.

We designed and built Headlines with the writer/blogger in mind. This theme is all about the written word. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see a crisp, clean, well structured layout. But that’s not all, showing off your projects with images, galleries or 3rd party video is an effortless experience.

If you are a WordPress truest, you are sure to pick the standard blog layout. Two parts content and one part sidebar to make one classic look. Feeling a bit adventurous? Stick with the default layout. It’s those classic proportions, but with your posts divided amongst two columns. Don’t want that sidebar to distract from your articles? We get that. So drop the sidebar by using the full width blog template, and we’ll fill all three columns with your content. Nice.

Overview Demo

Sophistique – DMS Theme



The Sophistique Theme is a full feature elegant Pagelines DMS child theme which you can use for your business website, personal website or app site; it fits almost every possible needs you might have for it. Just like other plugins and premiums by Enrique Chavez, the Sophistique Theme is DMS ready. It comes as a bundle of some premium sections that are already integrated into the theme.

Sophistique theme is a box-filled with content. From easily changeable colors and backgrounds, with the capability of viewing it on multiple platforms and multipurpose usable, to high end content like sharing buttons, a slider with unlimited images and videos at the top of the page, and fully customizable sections for plugins.

Costing only $59.90, the Sophistique theme offers a lot more than just a simple website template, it’s an almost ready to go website which requires low to average modifications, depending on your needs.

Stop reading and start checking out the Pretty PhotoHeadlines and Sopthistique demos right now. Do it.

12 Responses to "Drag & Drop Themes for DMS"
  1. These look great but what makes them different from the other themes at http://www.pagelines.com/product-category/themes/? Aren’t they all drag & drop when using DMS?

  2. Good initiative. Pagelines launch opened a lot of options, but let our expectations in design answered. This new themes are staring to address those, great the’re free.

  3. Seems like a good initiative, but even after all this time and the communication I just don’t understand the value proposition and that’s why I’m not buying yet.
    Just confused ;-)(

  4. I mean WOW after all this time that everyone waited you just gave us some really not impressive themes ? I know they are free…but come on. I really hoped for some innovations in your product and since the release pagelines store has like nothing good to offer… its better to buy stuff (plugins) on themeforest than wait for stuff here to appear :( I’m still waiting thou…. PageLines 2.0 was really GOOD and innovative !!

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