Benefits of using the Shoviv Imap Backup and Restore tool
There are many benefits to using this tool that automates the process of transferring PST emails to Yandex Mail accounts. There are a few benefits that we will discuss here.
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No file size restriction: With this import tool, you can import a large-sized PST file to webmail accounts. In addition, you will not lose any bit of your information during the import.
Maintain Hierarchy: This tool maintains the emails' HierarchyHierarchy throughout the transfer process. Additionally, it protects the email folder as well as the sub-folder structure.
Import Backup Files into Email clients: Besides importing PST emails into Yandex Email, the software can allow you to export them to other formats. This software can import PST files to various IMAP email clients such as Thunderbird, Gmail, Zoho Mail, and many more formats files.
Email filter options: Various filters are available with this software. Filters can be applied, for example - to subject attachments as well as date range, time content, name, and many more.
Windows-Based Utility: The tool is automated and supports Microsoft Windows OS platforms. It can be run with Windows 11, 10, 8, Vista, XP, and other older versions.
Different Saving Option: Utilizing this program allows you to transfer PST files into Gmail, Google workspace, Office 365, and any other webmail account.
Importing a PST file into Yandex. Mail isn't an easy task to complete. To ensure a safe and effective import, you require an effective method. One of the tools we'll mention in the blog write-up. This stool lets you import PST into Yandex Mail with all attachments. Its easy user interface makes it easy to upload Outlook PST files to Yandex.Mail account without difficulty.

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