PageLines Developer Center has Launched

It’s been two months since the PageLines Store has launched and so far we’ve had quite a bit of interest from developers. However, almost everyone who’s applied has had two questions, specifically:

“Where can I learn more?” and “How do I get started?”

That’s why today we’re launching the PageLines Developer Center. A place for developers to get resources for building incredible businesses using PageLines.

Developer Center

The Concept

After we launched the Store, we realized quickly that developers need:

  • A place to interact and collaborate with other developers (including the core team)
  • Thorough documentation for common development tasks
  • Access to developer tools like one click deployments, inline documentation, translation libraries, a DevKit, etc..
  • Videos and other resources to make getting started as easy as possible
  • The Center

    Developer Resources
    With these considerations in mind, we’ve launched first iteration of the center. It will serve as a hub for new resources and a place for new developers to get started.

    We already have quite a bit listed in the developers resources page and more coming soon. Including an aggressive effort into developer & API documentation.

    In the center you’ll be able to find links to current and new developer resources as well as apply to be an ‘official’ PageLines Developer… Which brings me to my next point.

    The Developer Community

    “Official” PageLines Developers are a growing community group of awesome people building some awesome stuff. This includes everything from websites and full-on businesses, to store extensions.

    To be part of this community, all you have to do is fill out the developer application.

    Official PageLines developers have access to:

    • Exclusive tools for developing with PageLines
    • Pre-releases of new framework updates
    • Inclusion to the PageLines Developer chat for group development support
    • The ability to sell products on the PageLines Store
    7 Responses to "PageLines Developer Center has Launched"
      • @Crispee Hey Crispee, the developer center is all about extension of the framework. Building your own PageLines themes, custom sections and PageLines plugins.

        What do you mean by something for normal web design?

        • @kgstew oh, just something with tips, videos, code samples for those who are doing plugins — just customization of the theme.

        • More resources will be coming all the time for both customizations and development. We could really use a hoard of gnomes with video skills…

        • @kgstew Great — any support is great. The forums are good but it seems like the same questions over and over. Send in the gnomes!

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