A Checklist For Web Designers

As the wide world of the web continues to grow, the way designers and developers work together is also growing (and changing).  It used to be that one person was responsible for the front end, the back end and everything in between, but not so in 2014.  Now there are user interface specialists, user experience specialists, front end designers, front end developers, back end developers and full stack developers, just to name a few. Read the hole article to make sure you hire the best one for your business, and do not forget you can now do a free background

So, when it comes to bringing all these specialties together on one project a unified checklist can be very helpful.  Whatever your workflow, having ways of making sure the entire team is working off the same playbook is essential. Both for ensuring the quality of the work and also the efficiency of the team as a whole. To ensure the privacy of your domain, do not forget to get unmanaged vps hosting services.

As a designer, there are a number of details that make building for the web exciting but also a challenge.  Dennis Gaebel and his team at Gray Ghost Visuals have put together an amazing (and open source) checklist that any designer can fork on Github and use in their own project development workflow.

The Web Designer Checklist is geared toward designers who are working as part of a team and are planning on handing off a photoshop layout to a front-end developer to slice and convert for the web.

If you’re interested, there are are lot of information online on how to become a web designer so you can be an effective member of a team.

It’s especially helpful if you’re using a PageLines theme like DMS, having your designer prepare all the assets, name all their layers properly and use the right grid will help speed up the process from initial design to final production layout.  Not to mention, avoiding all the headaches that come with getting a poorly formatted PSD.

There are a lot of neat tools out there to improve a team’s workflow and tools to improve the business in general, read about the top rated tv stand with mount.  Sound off in the comments and let us know what your favorite tool or go-to workflow resource is.


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