A “Better Way to Build Websites”

It’s finally here! After months of non-stop work; we’re extremely excited to be releasing version 2.0 of the Drag & Drop framework (which has been renamed to simply “PageLines Framework”)

Why are we excited? Because this new release from an agency that develops websites solves a ton of web design problems; for both beginners and professionals. It builds on the concept of “drag and drop web design,” and we really think it could change the way people build websites, forever.

2.0 contains over 50 new features. Everything from the new PageLines Store, to section cloning, responsive/mobile design, special page handling, new integrations, new admin UI, better meta controls, etc..

Let me introduce a few of those features now:

The PageLines Store

First and foremost, as announced last month, we’ve added the PageLines Store. The Store will be the first ever marketplace for drag and drop ‘apps’ for your websites. Developers will now be able to sell their creations, and you will be able to buy and use them on your website. We think this will be a big deal.

Store Screenshot

On launch day, we’ll already have 8 drag & drop sections, 4 PageLines themes, and 8 PageLines plugins available.  As a sign of things to come, since we announced the store, we’ve had nearly 100 developer applications. And there are currently more than 25 upcoming store products in development.

Responsive Design

Mobile is the fastest growing aspect of web design. Currently, not enough websites are designed with mobile in mind. Today we’re changing that for you.

iBlogPro5 on Mobile Browsers

With 2.0, the framework is now responsive, or in other words, mobile out of the box. This means that your design itself will dynamically adjust to the browser or browsing device.

Section Cloning

People love designing with sections, however, one problem kept coming up.. “How do I add the same section multiple times on the same page?”  Well, that problem is solved with cloning.. It allows you to dynamically duplicate a section on a template and configure its options separately.

Box Cloning and New Drag/Drop Screenshot

Special Page Handling

Another commonly encountered problem was the inability to use meta settings on pages that don’t handle meta

information in WordPress. To fix this, we’ve built you an API for handling special pages. Now you’ll have complete control of your blog, category, archive, tag, etc.. pages.

New special page handling system

Page-by-Page Settings

A major change in 2.0 is the move to page-by-page meta settings, as opposed to global options.  This means you’ll be able to configure your pages

almost completely independently from one another; for total control.

New MetaPanel


All text in the admin and meta panels are now fully translatable, and we have bundled french, german, spanish, russian

and arabic in the package. The framework is more ready than ever to be used all over the world.

Developer Integrations

Current Developer Integrations (same as on PageLines.com)

Often times you want to use the best of breed solutions for documentation and forums, but they aren’t based on WordPress. This creates a huge integration issue. 2.0 Developer edition comes with support for integrations with other scripts; and includes Vanilla for forums, and MediaWiki for docs.

Color Control & Background ‘Supersize’

New Color Control

In PlatformPro, the color options were way too confusing.. there were over 24. In 2.0, we’ve simplified this interface using ‘color math’ to auto generate complementary or highlight colors.

We’ve also added a new ‘supersize’ background feature that matches your background image to the size of the users browser. Very userful for making dynamic and beautiful sites quickly.

And way, way, more…

Not enough space to go over everything here.. there are still tons of really cool features that you’ll discover once you play with 2.0.


These are just a few of the new features and improvements inside of 2.0. To learn more visit the all new PageLines tour, or check out the www demo and try it for yourself.

To purchase, check out our pricing page here.

23 Responses to "A “Better Way to Build Websites”"
    • I agree… I have purchase 3 almost everything they have… I thought that upgrades would be included or at least some kind of considerable upgrade discount.  Come on Pagelines… how about some appreciation for those who bought in early and helped you get to where you are?

  1. Hi,

    I have been following your steps for months and maybe I have missed something (or haven’t been able to find it) but I would need much more detailed information to decide.

    After all, this is not a cheap theme and, IMO, it’s essential to be sure that it’s indeed the better choice.

    Look, I have purchased most of the more distinguished frameworks to compare and choose the one that better fits my requirements. I’m specially interested in drag and drop and the new feature to create unique pages that I haven’t found anywhere else (like custom pages for categories!) but it would be very helpful to be able to evaluate your theme (an admin demo) and maybe video demos.

    I also think that you could provide competitive discounts or other solutions to encourage us to choose your tool.

    Conclusion: I would appreciate all the information you can provide.

    All the best,

  2. As a beta tester of 2.0, I have to say 2.0 as a framework will make design faster and the store allows you to add great sections to your design framework in a minute!

  3. I find this appalling. The whole thing. The concept, the marketing, the
    layout. Everything. The theme is difficult to use, unintuitive and
    expensive. The marketing hype doesn’t deliver on its promises, this site
    is difficult to navigate, the answers one seeks are not here. Upgrade
    path? Huh! There are broken links everywhere, there is no support for
    the older version and I just find that the entire theme exists for the
    developers rather than the users. I gave up and tried something else
    thinking I would come back to this when I had a bit more experience
    because it was not quite so “drag and drop” as I was given to
    understand, and when I did return I found that I can’t find anything and
    the money I spent was wasted because the version I purchased is no
    longer supported. Rip off. Goodbye Pagelines.

  4. To those saying pagelines is too complex…seriously? We love pagelines, its the most flexible, adaptable theme I’ve ever come across and can be as complex or as simple as you like. Bottom line is that you need to have some CSS experience/knowledge to get the most out of any design on the web

  5. I have been very confused in the beginning. I was simply now sure what Pagelines Framework 2.0 was compared to Platform Pro and the other themes by Pagelines. After I found the demo.pagelines.com page i got a lot of my questions asked by trying it out my self. I thought this was an (BIG) update of Platform Pro 1.53 but it not – they have much in common but are fundamental different – theoretically. 

    If you just want a website with and easy to use and customize theme I would go with the Platform Pro theme – for your own sake I hope you continue to develop that theme – it is very great even with the Framework out. But if you want to invest more time, customize more and build more websites I would chose the new Framework.

    I have missed documentation previous and are still missing documentations. I know you have the doc section but it not detailed enough. Last I was trying to add a script to the body of a page – found a work around. What I need is a few good examples on how to do this and that – it how to add a “pintrest” share button etc – simple for some but could be so easy and fast to do if you had the documentation.

    Anyway I like the products and it is generally easy and fun to work with – that the important think.

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