The 4 Deadly Sins of CMS


The “look-and-feel” of your website is crucial to building a professional and established brand on the world wide web. While PageLines provides you with a great design, the need for you to customize your site and brand is important, however, content management systems are not fool proof. Here are some common mistakes made by CMS users.

1. Line Spacing

Proper line spacing and whitespace is essential for both the graphic elements of a site and the readability of the content.

Take for example this paragraph. It seems congested and hard to read. In fact it becomes harder and harder to read the longer the paragraph gets. Even with insufficient line spacing you can improve readability dramatically by shortening your paragraphs.

Likely you won’t have to change the line-height unless you change the font size or family, but knowing how to make this minor adjustment makes a world of difference.

2. Image & Content Alignment

Web design is all about the organization of information. Everything on the page needs to be aligned and flow correctly. Apple’s website is a great example of how well spaced and aligned each element needs to be. Each image has the same amount of whitespace around it and everything looks consistent, which is the key to any successful professional brand.

One of the most common mistakes people make when entering a new post into their site looks like this:

The image and text run into each other and it creates a very sloppy effect!

Although I don’t necessarily recommend justifying your text it helps us to show here just how crucial the juxtaposition of image and content can be.

3. Consistency

Whoever crafted your theme spent a lot of time making sure it was consistent on every page. It is your job to keep it that way while you add content to your site. If you know what is good for you DO NOT copy formatted text into your theme unless you do it everytime the same way. Copying text from other websites is especially problematic. It creates inline formatting which will cause the articles that you write and don’t write to look inconsistent and unprofessional.

Following a formatting protocol will eliminate this problem. For example, if you write posts in Microsoft Word then paste into your CMS, do it every time no matter what!

4. Balance

Images can be used to dramatically enhance the affect of text, however, poorly configured images are a step backward, not forward in information organization.  Pages heavy with images need to be balanced so that readers are guided through the post to each segment of information. It can often be hard to judge what looks “right”, just remember that images need to be as thought out as the copy your placing next to it.

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