3 Elements of Your Website that Matter More than You Think

The world of web design is encompassed by a few universal values. We regularly talk about building niche websites with content catered to your market segment. It makes sense, right? Anyone who completed Marketing 101 knows that market segmentation is one of the most important aspects of conducting a business.

However, a few elements of your website matter more than you may think. A recent study conducted by the Missouri University of Science reported that a website has a mere 2.6 seconds to make an impact. Your website should act as a funnel during these initial 2.6 seconds and should guide your visitors to the most captivating point on the page. We’ve put together three elements of web design to help your website make a difference:

1. Your Logo

Researchers have discovered that people spend the most time looking at the logo. Naturally, if your logo makes a good impression, visitors will be more likely to check out the rest of your content. The logo is an integral part of your company’s branding efforts and should emphasize the values you are trying to transmit. In addition, the entire website design should go hand-in-hand with the design of your logo. When Europeans go out, they choose the shoes first, and the outfit is regarded as an accessory to the image that the shoes transmit. That’s what your logo should be as well — a central piece that the website is built around.

PageLines Logo

To improve your logo and company image, check out these logo design tips by Smashing Magazine.

2. White Space

White space is one of the fundamental aspects a designer is taught. A good designer knows the importance of white space and how to use it effectively, while an inexperienced designer will assume it’s just ‘empty space’ that should be used to better promote the company’s products and content. By white space, we usually mean ‘negative space’, because it’s not necessarily white — it can be black, gray, purple or cyan — but it serves one purpose: separating screen elements.

The Apple homepage implements white space successfully.

We’re not going to get into highly technical stuff here, but white space matters because it increases legibility, awareness, attention, and can even set the right tone for your website. We mentioned it in last week’s article as well and cannot stress enough how important it is. Let your content breathe, don’t cram it, and don’t suffocate your visitors.

3. A Starting Point

Web designers and developers usually underestimate the importance of a landing page on a website. Visitors need to have their attention turned to the most important ideas you’re trying to convey. A huge, cluttered homepage full of information won’t do. Nor will your most recent blog post, which might be slightly off-topic and lead readers in the wrong direction.

PageLines Landing Page

Images and focus points play a big role in guiding your visitors. Make sure your landing page has focus points that people will be drawn to and follow. Depending on your website genre, you can create a squeeze page (like PageLines’ own LaunchPage plug-in) that includes all the important details about your site. Another idea would be to create carefully-placed ‘call to action’ images or text embedded in focus points. Make it easy!

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12 Responses to "3 Elements of Your Website that Matter More than You Think"
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  2. Did not know that white space was also equally important!!
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  3. Excellent Buddy! I think the footer is also important for a website. Because almost all visitors will search the footer for something special; i think it’s the one of the best place for adding elements that need more attention…. For example: we can include call to actions like form and link to social media sites.. etc..

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