WhiteHousePro Version 3 Released


Update: Get the latest version of WhiteHousePro here: WhiteHousePro 6

The WhiteHousePro theme just got a major upgrade! We’ve added the new and improved PageLines framework, which means more page templates and sidebars, a more intuitive interface, and improved overall flexibility of this professional CMS theme. We also improved a lot of graphical elements and tightened up the look and feel.

With the new version you can now use your feature slider above your posts page. You can also use the feature boxes on any page you like. This sort of flexibility is just small taste of the major improvements we’ve made for WhiteHousePro 3.

Some of the new features to look forward to:
Design Options

  • Cufon Font Replacement
  • More text color options
  • Global AND individual page color options

Sidebar and Widget Options

  • Left sidebar option
  • 3 additional widgetized areas lets you put widgets practically anywhere you want.
  • More sidebars giving you different sidebar options for certain pages.
  • New 5-column footer

5-col footer
More Page Template Options

  • New carousel templates with FlickRSS, NextGen Gallery, or post thumbnail links
  • Full width carousel template
  • More options for handling excerpts, thumbnails, author bios, the welcome message, and sub-navigation

Feature Slider and Fboxes

  • Shortcode ready feature slider and fboxes
  • Ability to easily add more feature boxes and slides with one click
  • Feature slider navigation options (display number, name, or thumb)

We are really excited about this release and as always can’t wait to see what you do with it.

12 Responses to "WhiteHousePro Version 3 Released"
  1. Roberto says:

    dear Pagelines,

    I need to know if “whitehousepro 3″ theme is available in Italian language.

    best regards,

  2. Chris says:

    I loved the last version and picked up this one right away. My only request would be to include Flickr in addition to the RSS, YouTube, etc. media options.

  3. We are really excited about this release and as always can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  4. Nice to hear that white house pro version 3 is released.

  5. Muzafar Ibrahim says:

    how to set the slide show on home page…???????

  6. Zied Bouhalli says:

    I’m using the White House Pro version 3.
    and I have a question: How to add the discussion tab in the admin zone for every post. As I’m unable to enable/disable comments for every post

  7. bjkitchin says:

    Are there any plans to upgrade this theme to function with the 2.0 framework?


  8. BummiNiyonuAnderson says:

    Where can I buy Whitehouse pro 3?

  9. tonyluth says:

    Any idea if this has been updated for WordPress 3.5?

  10. AndrewLyubko says:

    Where to buy ?

  11. Martin (Pagelines) says:

    AndrewLyubko This product is no longer available for purchase. The PageLines DMS system is the PageLines product now and details of this can be seen here http://www.pagelines.com/dms/

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