PlatformPro 1.3 is Here!


Big News! Today we are announcing the 1.3 release of PlatformPro and this isn’t just any update. It is loaded with tons of new features that you are going to love. 

While there are approximately 20 new features and options in this release. The most important new additions are:

  1. Web Typography – A revolutionary new typography tool.
  2. MetaPanel – New metapanel for handling of meta options
  3. Nav – New navigation and menu sections
  4. Child Theming – Developer and child theming API improvements

World, Meet Web Typography

One of the coolest new features in 1.3 is the introduction of a new Typography tool that will revolutionize your workflow. This is way more than a font picker, it’s a direct integration with the Google Font API. This means it gives you tons more web safe font options than you’ve ever had before.

Right in the option you can:

  • Choose from over 50 font options (including Google API Fonts)
  • Select font weight, styling, spacing, transform (e.g. uppercase) and variant (e.g. small-caps)
  • Preview your custom typefaces live, using the live preview pane

The option seamlessly integrates everything for Google Fonts, so no more selectors or including CSS files.

Because the typography option is so quick and easy to use, we think that it will change the way you build websites.


Since PlatformPro was released there have always been a ton of meta options for controlling individual pages and posts.  While this worked and having options is nice; it became hard to manage and actually use all the panels created for those options. That’s why we created the MetaPanel.

The MetaPanel is a new interface for working with the CMS meta options that come in PlatformPro.  It combines all the options into one panel, and gives you tabs for each sections you are working with.  This should make your workflow liquid fast; we think you’ll love it.

Secondary Nav and BrandNav

Until today PlatformPro only had one section that contained all your site navigation.. aptly named “PageLines Navigation.” While this still works great, we wanted to give you more options.

With 1.3 we’ve added two more sections for you. A secondary nav sections (i.e. sub nav)  and a “BrandNav” section.

The secondary nav section allows you to select a custom menu on each page or post to use as your sub navigation. This allows you to be way more flexible with your site architecture.

The BrandNav is a new graphical section which essentially combines your site branding/logo and your site navigation, inline. This was a frequently requested customization and it should save a lot of people some time :)

Developer and Child Theming

One of the coolest things about PlatformPro is that it is designed to be customized with child themes.  This gives you guys way more control over your site, and allows you to continuously update your framework whenever an update is released.

That said, it could always get easier to control the look and feel of your site.

That’s why we’ve added three new child theming features to the Platform API.

  1. Template Overriding – Overwrite section templates with files in Base.
  2. Custom Templates – Add new drag + drop templates, with a file and a function.
  3. Custom Option Types – New hook for adding new types of options.

Download Base version 1.3.1 for some inline docs on how to use these new tools. We’ve also added the steps needed to the child template and section page in the docs.

Get 1.3 Now!

Ok, so you’ve heard enough.. If you’re already a PlatformPro customer, pick up the new version in your Launchpad Account.

New customers pick up PlatformPro on the PlatformPro purchase page.


48 Responses to "PlatformPro 1.3 is Here!"
  1. theSEOguy says:

    I’ve been waiting for this one, wow, thanks guys & gals.

    Any shortcodes being revealed soon?
    (That would just be the cherry on top!)


    • Stacy says:

      Yes, shortcodes would be great, and would solidify my move over to Pagelines for all projects instead of other frameworks…. :)

  2. Cheolsu says:

    The Typography tool looks so clean and cool!

  3. BDA says:

    Love it…as a wordpress newbie with branding/design on the mind it’s nice to have a flexible layout/framework theme like this!

    Can a commercial plugin for memberships be integrated easily enough?

  4. Eric Sopp says:

    Amazing update! Thank you. I really appreciate the navigation improvement.

  5. Karl Edwards says:

    Exciting stuff. Can’t wait to dig in.

  6. Ericmiller says:

    Absolutely AWESOME! I’d feel like I should pay you again…

  7. Neil says:

    Love it. You guys are awesome! I’m in love, again.

  8. Bill Biko says:

    This looks exciting, I cannot wait to dig in.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Pagelines is by far the best theme out there. Great job as always guys.

  10. Rsmills1 says:

    I am new to WordPress and Pageline pro is a joy to use and produces amazing professional webpages. And now it has been expanded – amazing!

  11. kim says:

    how do i upgrade to 1.3 ? im new at this :o)

  12. Straser says:

    Cool stuff.. Quick question, I’ve modified quite a few of Pageline source files (postloop, header, footer, etc.) to fit our needs. Is it possible to use the upgrade without losing my customization?

  13. dBO Agency says:

    What to say? GREAT PRODUCT – GREAT EXPERIENCE ! This is something we dream about (web professionals). Thank you for such a great product. We use PlatformPro and will continue to develop all our websites with this amazing pagelines product. Thank you.

  14. Jeff's Best Hemp! says:

    sweeeeett! :)

  15. Hi
    do you support RTL direction ?

  16. Jimbo87 says:

    could I import the eco demo page onto this platform ?

  17. Mac says:

    How can i realize the subtitle like here on thins page? “New Tools to Revolutionize Your Workflow “

  18. Ernest says:

    This is a really really helpful tool!!! Highly recommended. Worths every single penny

  19. Samantha says:

    I signed into my launchpad and could not find the upgrade – where is it?

  20. Multostars says:

    i purchased this template system in Jan – can i get the upgrade or do i have to have a special support account?

  21. Mixus says:

    How about using this platform in Japanese ?

  22. Charles says:

    What are the server requirements of both the themes and the platform?

  23. greatadmin says:

    I like this theme,thank your work.

  24. Love it. You guys are awesome! I’m in love, again.

  25. I use s2member seamlessly in Pagelines for membership. It rules.

  26. Abrandon says:

    Are there examples of PlatformPro websites out there? I tried a ThemeForest theme (Domino) and love the look of it, but can PlatformPro get the same sort of result through customization? I’m assuming so, it’d be great to see some examples… thanks!

  27. Deodato Art says:


    I have to make up my mind between PlatformPro and WhiteHousePro, is there any feature table to compare? I cannot find it!

    Thank you,

  28. Alex says:

    Is there a way to change the language texts … in the template? How to do that?

    • Hi Alex,
      Yes, translation is definitely possible… many of our customers do so. If
      you need help with the process, please post in the forums and we can follow
      up from there.

      All the best,

      Want faster responses? Hit PageLines up on Twitter
      instead. – San Francisco, CA
      Pre-Sales FAQ |
      Documentation |

  29. Guest says:


  30. Jb says:

    I would need the total width set to 600 pix, how can this be done on this template
    thanks Juergen

  31. 1031926581 says:


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