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GrandStand – Stand out from the crowd The saying goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and it’s true. No matter your website if you’re selling a product or communicating an idea, images are the most powerful way to connect with your audience in an instant. Numerous studies have shown better long-term recall of images over text. Images […]

Video Slider

New To The Store – Video Slider


New to the PageLines store this week is Video Slider, a fantastic section from our all star community developer, Enrique Chavez.  Known for his incredible themes like Voyant and Flatten, Enrique is also great at releasing sections that provide awesome and unique functionality to PageLines users. Inspired by Revslider,  Video Slider is a section that […]

StarBars - PageLines Plugin

StarBars: April’s Free Plus Plugin


Yesterday we released a new plugin called StarBars, April’s free Plus extension. Check it out! With StarBars, you can show off your favorite (and not-so-favorite) things with a handy little counter. Use StarBars to track your weight loss goals, gauge the amount of coffee you drink each day, count the number of times your wife […]

Sexy Snips

PageLines Store Update – 4/18/12


PageLines Store launches, price drops, and updates… All in one place. It’s been a busy month since the last PageLines Store Update and we want to fill you in on the activity going on inside PageLines. We hand-picked some fresh store product that can help take your website to the next level! Looking to extend […]

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eCommerce for PageLines Has Arrived


(Note: This post is depreciated. Jigoshop now works natively with PageLines DMS) Ever since PageLines was founded in 2009, we’ve had requests to support eCommerce. This has been a major request (and pain point) for PageLines customers. Until recently there has never been a professional and ‘easy to use’ eCommerce platform worthy of support and […]


PageLines Store Update – 3/23/12


All of the important PageLines Store launches, price drops, and updates – in one place. It’s been over three months since the launch of the PageLines Store and we would like to share the buzz and excitement associated with it and present a selection of the applications you can find inside. If you want to […]


Upcoming “PageLines Developer Essential Training”


Last month in preparation for the launch of the Store, we started working on a video tuturial series called “PageLines Developer Essential Training.” The idea for this program is to teach upcoming PageLines developers how to build PageLines sections, plugins and themes as quicky & effectively as possible. Since then, we’ve been tied up in […]


My Experience Developing for the PageLines Store


When I first found out about the PageLines Store in 2.0, I was excited. The fact that fellow members of the PageLines community would be able to take their coding knowledge and contribute to the store was very appealing to me. I really wanted to take a few of my ideas and bring them to […]


Welcome to the PageLines Store…


If you’re a developer, designer or simply someone who wants to build awesome websites (without coding…) we have a special announcement for you. Let’s make this short and sweet, basically we’ve solved the major problem of c0de-heavy website design and our solution is called “The PageLines Store.” The PageLines Store is the first-ever marketplace for […]