New PageLines Showcase

The New PageLines Showcase


Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the new PageLines showcase. PageLines customers are a diverse and talented group of professionals from around the world. PageLines software is now used in over 170+ countries and powers sites as varied as Bicycle Tours in London to Musicians in Sweden. Within such a global community there […]

PageLines Support

PageLines Support Is Getting A Makeover


Buying software can be risky. Using software the way the developer intended, and in turn what you get out of it is directly related to the documentation and support available. Maybe you’ve taken the risk and bought a theme you thought was ‘just right’ for your needs, only to discover that you can’t make it […]

Mickey Kay on Experts

The Big Secret in Web Development?


Nobody knows what they are doing, not even the experts. Recently I attended WordCamp SF, a 2 day collaborative conference on all things WordPress. Being new to the WordPress community, with numerous stories of it being very ‘cliquey’ and cult-like, I was worried about fitting in and speaking the language of these WordPress experts. Fortunately these […]


Adding Custom Fonts to WordPress


This is a guest post by PageLines community developer Gavin Aldrich Beware the fonts… Your website is the focal point of your visual identity, the window into your business. You should be able to express your creativity unreservedly, the last thing you want is to have your vision restricted by the fonts you can (or […]


An Overview of WordPress 4.0


WordPress 4.0 is just around the corner, with the actual release date being most likely this week. We took the release candidate for a spin to review the latest iteration of our favourite CMS, and give you the lowdown on how it operates. Although the version number points to a milestone release, WordPress 4.0 is […]

Perfect Procrastination and Productivity

Perfect Procrastination and Productivity?


Gavin Aldrich is one of PageLines’ third-party developers and we’re really excited to have him sharing his insights on productivity and procrastination.  Gavin is the Founder of Kyle & Irving, a digital agency based in London.   Being productive while managing procrastination is something that most designers, web developers, contractors and freelancers have to combat […]


Introducing DMS Stories


Tell your story with DMS At PageLines, we believe everyone has a story to tell. The design tools we build empower thousands of people to share their stories with the world in a simple but powerful way: through their websites. And because every website is a never-ending story in itself, we would like to present you with […]

Welcome to the DMS Demo

Next Level Customer Support & Service


PageLines makes the jump to Intercom for amazing customer support Customer support and service is critical at PageLines. Although our award-winning Drag & Drop software DMS, makes building stunning websites on WordPress easier, it also requires a different way of thinking about web design. This means we need to be there for you, our customers, when […]


Local Dev Tips for DMS


I am sure a lot of you have created awesome WordPress sites on your local PC/Laptop, and spent ages using some outdated search and replace plugin trying to update all those http://localhost/ urls. In this tutorial I’m going to show you the best way in my opinion to create and develop a child theme and […]


Drag & Drop Themes for DMS


If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that people really want awesome “custom” sites as fast as possible. DMS was designed to help with this, but the all important “starting point” still relies on the DMS theme you use. Since the beginning is so important, we’re announcing a new category of product which we’re calling […]


Coming back online…


For those who are not aware,’s static site files were deleted from the system not once, but twice on launch day.  We’ve been working at getting everything back to where it’s supposed to be; and I’ll write an update here. Apologies First, just wanted to apologize for these issues. We’re not as responsive as […]


The problem with themes…


After working in the ‘web tools’ space for a few years, you become acquainted with a few of the issues we face day to day. In fact, after a while, dealing with these issues becomes part of the job and you barely notice them anymore. However, every once in a while a product comes along […]


PageLines’ Core Values


Every day we come to work at PageLines we try and reflect on something we call “PageLines core values.” These are the guiding principles of the company and the basis for ALL decisions we take. The values of PageLines are something that we are proud of and something I thought would be interesting to share with […]


Official Teaser – Name and Launch Date


It is finally the right time to officially announce a few things about the upcoming product launch. Specifically, today I’ll be telling you about the concept behind the new product, the new name and the official launch date. Check out the official launch page & contest for the next generation product. Watch the Video View DMS Page […]


Snowfall – December Plus Plugin


Starting this month, we’ve decided to add a quick blog post for each new PageLines Plus extension (one every month). Today we released a new plugin called Snowfall used to quickly show your visitors a snow falling effect on your site. This plugin was conceived and developed in our weekly developer meetings and its pretty […]