Some issues, but we’ll be back!

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A lot is changing  and we’re running into some issues.

We’ve been working on the site and systems and some things are not working as expected.

Anyway, it’s getting late. Going to get a few hours of sleep and get to this in the morning.

If you see some 404 images or down pages (including the forum), don’t worry, they will be back soon.

59 Responses to "Some issues, but we’ll be back!"
  1. soulhuntre says:

    Don’t sweat it guys. 
    No doubt some will pounce on any slight glitch with this launch as if this is a disaster akin to a space station falling out of the sky. As I said in another post, haters gonna hate :)
    Take your time, tie up the loose and I am sure the launch itself will be awesome. Those of us who have been working with this tool know that it is great and any minor hiccup will be swept under by the magnitude of what you accomplished. In the coming months when  huge numbers of WordPress folks are using DMS to get sh_t done, only the haters will remember that there were a few issues with your website on launch day.

  2. No worries Andrew and Team. 
     You can’t please everyone and there will always be detractors. Your previous products were much-needed advancements in WordPress Web Development (for me, anyway)… and DMS is at the forefront of the next wave. I don’t underestimate the hard work and long hours that have gone into preparing for today – not helped by the site itself actually being hacked. That being said – the issues with the site don’t detract from your signigicant achievement.
    I wish you all the best with the Launch.

  3. erwanlescop says:

    I’ve got many problems, including entering my activation key & and missing sections / components (it might be linked)… but so far it’s just amazing :-)
    Keep on rolling!
    Friendly ;-)
    La France

  4. JosephTakuski says:

    Small bug in the order process, I thought I’d make you aware of. 
    The coupon code “dmslaunch” wasn’t applied on check out for me. 
    I tried to enter it again before pressing signup and it said that it was already applied yet the price was still the same.
     I realize you will be very busy on this launch day so I’m not expecting a reply right away just wanted you to be aware of a potential bug. if any. 
    Thanks for the great work you do!

  5. mikezielonka says:

    Get some coffee and get going!!!!!!! :)

  6. SeanJM says:

    Just thought I would mention I had the same problem as Joseph Takushi, coupon code not applies. Also I downloaded what, what do I do with the DMS file, or can someone point me to setup instructions. Thanks, can’t wait to try it out!

  7. PetraNiedermoser says:

    Doesn’t DMS launch 10:30? There is some time left I think… Let them do their job and complain in a few days ;)

    • JosephTakuski says:

      PetraNiedermoser I don’t think I would consider this complaining. I was merely letting them know of a potential bug that would prevent them from getting the customer experience they wish us to have, not to mention the extra work in applying those discounts to a subscriptions later. If it was me ( and it has been) I would want to know on launch day :-)
      I also clearly stated I didn’t expect a reply right away, so I agree with letting them do there job , but like I said if it was me I would want to know before a couple of days.

  8. mikkelbreum says:

    Can I upgrade subscription type later at price difference, and still have the 10% launch promo applied to the new full amount?

  9. SteveKayser says:

    Hey guys – How do I get my activation key? I’m a pro user and have ebena  customer for years,

  10. gonkyouka1 says:

    The download button gives me a woocommerce plugin? What’s going on? I’m confused..

  11. PeterStephens says:

    This is fun! But the activation key doesn’t work . . .

  12. MarcelDelfino says:

    HI the FAQ says if I’m a PL Plus subscriber, I should’t buy yet, that I’ll be “Grandfathered” so does that mean I can’t get it till you get that sorted or how will this work?

  13. alanslingsby says:

    I cannot log in to the store or my account. I can get a reset password email by using my user name; but the username and the – very carefully – amended password do not work.

  14. fvncy says:

    Hello, before the release of DMS I had in my profile all sections I had bought it y were about 15 sections and also the former PageLines themes, today there are over nothing. How to recover?
    Best Regards

  15. scottb50 says:

    I am trying to purchase and when I do I get a cart empty page…

  16. JamisonHiner says:

    Looks cool but your launch has been a fail. Hacked or not a company such as yourselves should have redundancies in place to be back up within moments

  17. northbyte says:

    No matter how many problems you face, the harsh criticism
    you receive and the objections you incur from pre-existing clients, I would
    like to sincerely commend you for the sheer efforts and dedication you have contributed
    in developing a new product. Absolutely fantastic job guys! Keep up the good
    If people could only understand the amount of time, planning
    and dedication that goes into a project like this, whilst trying to run a
    business which needs to meet the expectations of thousands of customers all
    with various personal expectations, only then could they really understand.
    No system is perfect from the outset, you only need to be a
    Microsoft Windows Customers to understand this, a platform takes time to be
    updated and improved from with community contribution.
    This platform is a great addition as a tool which optimises
    many problems faced by designers, developers and administrators. I look forward
    to seeing this platform grow with positive contribution from smart people by pushing
    this product forward and making it grow collectively.

  18. rupertenberg says:

    Dear Pagelines.

    It seems that anytime I open my site in Chrome nothing is formatted. In safari I can see my page as should be but in Chrome it is completely unformatted.
    Is there any idea as to why this is happening?

    • MartyKassowitz says:

      rupertenberg I am having the same problem. Front end editing in Chrome is completely non-functional.

  19. Invisioning says:

    The DMS looks and appears to work amazingly!
    I’m concerned that my Pro Pagelines purchase and purchased plugins are no longer showing in any of the sites I’ve created.
    Product/Subscription Title                         Price
    PageLines Framework – Professional                 $197.00
    Subtotal                                           $197.00
    Total                                              $197.00
    My suggestion is to credit those who’ve been pro members with some discount and still maintain the store until we can get sites migrated after learning the new DMS process.

    • AudentesM says:

      Invisioning I AGREE! I’ve lost 2 days billing time due to this hack/upgrade! FRUSTRATING is not the word!

  20. rupertenberg says:

    Dear Pagelines,
    Frontend editing in Chrome is completely non-functional. Please help us.

    • arpowers says:

      rupertenberg sounds like an extension conflict or JS error

      • mkassowitz says:

        arpowers rupertenberg I have the identical problem on two sites. One with lots of content and plugins and another with no content and no active plugins.

      • discountssales says:

        mkassowitz arpowers rupertenberg I also have the same problem where DMS is completely not working in Chrome browser.  No errors shown.  Not using many extensions.   Very disappointed.  Pagelines does work, oddly

  21. ArtistJoyful says:

    I’m glad you are taking care of yourselves. This is a tremendous undertaking. I have experienced the trials and tribulations of the results of malicious hackers attacks. It is never pleasant no matter how much back up I’ve done. 
    I don’t know where else to report glitches I am experiencing, so I am going to put them here, knowing that as time allows, these glitches will be addressed as they can: 1) I also did not get the 10% with the coupon code “dmslaunch”, and 2) when I try to download (pro) I get stuck in a loop – After logging into my pagelines account I click on download, I get an error screen from wordpress saying I need to login, so I click on Login, which takes me to a standard wordpress login screen, where I login, and it takes me back to my pagelines account page where I started.

  22. AleksanderHansson says:

    Need a hug?

    • rupertenberg says:

      Defiitely need a hug. Re-installed chrome, java is updates still no luck. Everything is three, but nothing is formtted, nothing nothing!!!! SAFARI shows it correctly but CHROME IS NOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!

  23. rupertenberg says:

    Haven`t had much response yet on this issue, and wondering whether others are experiencing the same : Google Chrome on Mac is not displaying DMS correctly. Nothing is showing as being formatted. Just text etc and sections scrolling down the page as if there is ZERO formatting. De-activate DMS and activate Pagelines framework and all is good…but when re-activating DMS the same issue. Chrome is latest version. Java for Mac is latest version. Firefox displays page correctly, safari displays correctly  (both without editing capabilities mind you)  but Chrome displays neither correctly nor with editing capabilities. Hmmmmmm… many others are experiencing this issue?

    • mkassowitz says:

      rupertenberg I can confirm the same results. I’m wondering if this issue is a residual result from the hack possible with remote javascript being served from the compromised servers and not fully restored. It’s probably something simple, but I don’t think it is on the client side…

      • soulhuntre says:

        mkassowitz rupertenberg I SERIOUSLY doubt that it is a remote exploit thing. The entire system is off the compromised servers and has been since early Wed. Additionally, the source is in github, and the commit log is open to the public, so any malicious code would show up there – and there is none.
        Now, this might be a bug, which sucks, but it is not a exploit issue, nor is it a security risk.


      • rupertenberg says:

        soulhuntre mkassowitz rupertenberg  Hmm…well assuming that this is a bug it would be good to hear from Pagelines regarding this. It`s funny how we get so worked up over something in such a short period of time and expect everything to be perfect, but when it is `promised` (note the inverted commas, because of course it wasn`t promised and we should always expect toothing pains) we want it to work. Strangely I have seen comments here saying everything is working perfectly which leads me to believe there is more to it than a `simple` bug. It`s clear that it is not an OS issue beacuse the same is reported on both my Mac and Windows systems but would live to hear some feedback from Pagelines. I guess it`s working for them, why not us?

      • soulhuntre says:

        rupertenberg soulhuntre mkassowitz Actually, it is working well for a large number of us – I do not recall hearing anyone else with the same problem you are having.
        That doesn’t make it less distressing for you, of course, but it is a useful bit of info anyway.

      • soulhuntre says:

        rupertenberg soulhuntre mkassowitz Oops, one person below mentions something similar. Maybe an installation error? Or something else…
        * Do you and  discountssales share a hosting company? 
        * Can you add a bit more memory to your PHP allocation? Maybe the LESS compiler is running out sometimes (depending on your hosting, this might not be predictable).
        * Can you try the debug? What does it say?

      • discountssales says:

        soulhuntre rupertenberg mkassowitz My hosting company is HostGator.  I’m using the latest Chrome on PC w/Windows 7 64-bit.  I’m using a shared hosting plan, so I cannot do anyting with regards to PHP allocation, FWIW.

      • mkassowitz says:

        soulhuntre rupertenberg mkassowitz discountssales The two sites I’ve tested with are on different servers. One is on Bluehost, the other is a custom VPS from Questa Volta. They could not be more different, but I get the same result. Also, one site is fully populated with lots of content (the one on the vps) and plugins. The other is a pristine new installation with no plugins active at all. I’ve tested with the latest Chrome on Mac OS 10.8.4 and on WinXP. I will run some tests on alternate PHP processing methods on the VPS. That one is currently running fast-cgi. I will test Mod-php and php-fpm.

  24. rupertenberg says:

    So, the issue really doesn’t appear to be a chrome issue. But rather a scripting issue in DMS either Java or something else. When logged in to wordpress admin the DMS site appears unformatted and essentially #$%&ed. When logged out the site appears correct in Chrome (of course un-editable but correctly displayed). This issue is happening on both PC and MAC. what editions of Chrome are others running? Latest? Previous? This might be the issue? Not that Chrome does not support Java 7 so I am not sure what that might mean for DMS.

  25. Ricky44 says:

    I’m trying to purchase but the discount code applies a one-time $10 discount, not a 10% discount. Also, when I get to the payment screen the discount has disappeared entirely!
    I can’t see anywhere to contact support or ask pre-sales questions, and anytime I try to get to the forum, or Google a forum post, I get a 404 page.
    Are these all residual issues from the hack? I can’t seem to contact anyone or get any answers!!!

  26. nicola_favero says:

    Unable to access my launchpad! It’s quite frustrating: no products I’ve bought, no forum access, no support … only a Big 404!
    Please, could you give some updated news?

  27. imwy2cool says:

    Really need the forum back up. My site backends are having trouble.
    Do you guys have an ETA for having all this fixed? You guys really need
    some redundancies set up.
    Also, when I Google things for help
    and such, you guys have a LOT of 404 links. Not just with this launch,
    but old help topics. You really should scan your webmaster tools for
    broken links and redirect them to relevant topics. 
    don’t misunderstand me, I LOVE your products, but some of these things
    are basic things any webmaster should do, especially with a company with
    the following you have.

  28. ZMF says:

    I’m afraid I’m going to loose my job over this. I have a major launch on Monday and I can’t get into the store on my Pagelines build. Is there any word on when things will work? I just got the DMS downloaded (multiple times) and I can’t even get the folder to open. I Can’t find any clear support either..  I’m serious about the job loss situation I have months of development time into this project and can’t finish or alter it as needed. It’ll take far too long for me to recode for a clean wordpress install sans pagelines. I really need some help here.. Anything?

  29. Bowden says:

    I love you guys at PageLines, and I can understand that things were a bit off due to the Hack and the new release but its Friday and There is Zero Support, and not one person to contact that can answer any questions. Can someone on the Team post an email address, a phone number or something that gets us, that depend on our Pre-DMS builds, to have some contact? Please!

  30. zapprabbit says:

    Is the coupon code working???
    DMS Launch Sale!Purchase by August 7th and take an additional 10% off any plan for the lifetime of your subscription. 
    Use coupon code: dmslaunch

  31. rupertenberg says:

    Just want to say that the issue I was having in Chrome relating to DMS and its un-formatted state when attempting to edit was remedied by clean installing WordPress. Seems there must have been some conflicting code that was removed with a fresh install. Probably not an option for most people but it worked for me. Happy!!

    • Bowden says:

      No. Not an option at all.

    • Bowden says:

      Can’t just do a clean install. So now I’m going to have to remove DMS from my install and figure a way to back out.
      Guys, this should have been a requirement in Beta testing in the UAT environments.

    • mkassowitz says:

      rupertenberg I discovered that a plugin called 404 Redirected caused DMS to fail completely. Deactivating it worked and DMS came up perfectly.

  32. davidgoredgorepro says:

    You guys are buried – understood …
    The previous Framework site needs to be fixed
    quickly. I have clients to support and I will not be converting all sites over
    immediately – far too many to touch. It’s just not practical and while I understand your site implies it
    is a “direct and no effort upgrade” why anyone would load new software (a 1.0 version) onto a
    production site before is beyond understanding – load it into a beta sites to play with it and learn its issues.
    Also, if a quick or immediate
    conversion of sites to DMS is the expectation your team has – please consider that is
    not realistic and will result in a continued loss of confidence in your
    organization and lost revenue through losing clients. Migration planning must occur and not all clients may be willing to pay for that upgrade.

    All said, this is an exciting time – change is good … but …
    high quality customer service keeps clients …

  33. scottb50 says:

    It’s bad enough that the product has cost all of us time and money. What’s worse however, is that there has been nothing but silence from the company. Before the problems it seemed like i got a message from them all the time. Now nothing. If they won’t address our concerns now, how motivated will they be after (if) we purchase the product? Or, if they’re getting hacked so easily, who’s to say that the code they’ve developed isn’t full of insecurities? Disasters happen and the worst thing a company can do is go silent. Let this be a lesson to all of us on how not to handle crisis communication.

    • zapprabbit says:

      scottb50 I would agree, seems that they ether didn’t expect such a big response or din’t prepare for any problems. This forum is useless if no one from Pageline answers! They really don’t seem to want to talk to their market!

      • scottb50 says:

        I’ve never seen anything like it.  If it were me, I would have replied to all explaining that there are unforeseen problems, apologize for the massive inconvenience, and promise a rebate.

  34. TBashista says:

    I am having a horrible time with my pageline theme some things work and many just don’t….never mind giving the DMS a go…..the original theme is not working….try to go to the store good luck….try to log in through the account Icon not happening had to come to the site….my thymes are just about useless at the moment…

  35. Ricky44 says:

    To update my earlier comment: Everything is working perfectly for me now. I have logged into the forums and got instant help as well. Happy :-)

  36. zapprabbit says:

    What happened to the Coupon? It said it was valid until end of July, I tried to use it and it didn’t work…. now the off isn’t even on the pricing anymore….. I’m moving from the old Pro version and can’t even get the code to make the move. 
    I have emailed this request about 5 times and I do worry about the customer service you promised in your marketing.

  37. Invisioning says:

    I’m leaving PL and DMS.
    With the level of communication and customer service for those of us who have help them grow, I cannot take the uncertainty of having to re-create all 200+ of the sites we provide service to.

    To have us sidelined because of a new product, make it NOT backwards compatible OR provide any migration options other than a complete rebuild, make us flounder with having to FTP the plugins we’ve purchased and try to guess to the correct locations, barely answering any concerns in the forums and kicking us in the nuts with the “Pay our new price and anything you paid before is gone” is business suicide.   
    Best of luck guys.
    I’m not putting my business in your hands again.

    • scottb50 says:

      Invisioning It is unbelieveable.  The only explanations are an arrogance on the part of the top brass at PL or that the company is falling apart. I imagine them thinking that people like us are just going to be acceptable losses.  I feel foolish for my excitement over this product.

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