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Oliver Winter

Oliver Winter Photography

by Oliver Winter

About This Site

Photography for me is a hobby in which i am very passionate about, with this I also like to style my webpage around my photography trying to display it the best possible way for all mediums, in my own unique way.

Pagelines was the perfect option for me, I constantly like to change things, adding or subtracting elements of my website. Normally I would start by purchasing a theme and changing the CSS to suit my own needs. But I found that each theme lacked elements that I would like and didnt give me the flexibility to have a webpage that I felt was unique for my photos. I ended up purchasing a few themes and chopping and changing, but then began developing my own from child themes. Since I am completely self taught and had limited knowledge of this, I found it would just take too long. I then stumbled across Pagelines, dived right in and purchased it.

Best decision I made, its a perfect setup for someone who is not an expert in wordpress theme/plugin development, but wanting to learn more and discover more. I feel its the perfect starting point in any situation and for any type of website. The freedom and ability to add elements to your page are endless, with a bit of light reading I could manipulate the plugins purchased through the Pagelines store like the “post pins” to develop one for myself to use, allowing me to add or subtract it into parts of my webpage in seconds.

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