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The Xpricing-DMS section used DMS 2’s ProPricing section as a starting point. There are over a dozen useful enhancements. Here’s more than a dozen things you can only do in Xpricing-DMS:

  • Set a custom color for Xpricing-DMS via color picker
  • Choose the width of each pricing column (e.g. 3 columns wide, 6┬ácolumns wide, 3 columns wide)
  • Add a custom CSS class to a single column
  • Many classes automatically added to be able to target any cell with LESS CSS
  • Customize the “Most Popular” text (e.g. “Best Value”)
  • Add a checkbox below the Sign Up button to replace the button’s URL (e.g. button goes to /sign-up but if checkbox is checked, goes to /sign-up?nonprofit=yes)
  • Move the button from top (above attributes) to bottom (below attributes)
  • Open button link in new window
  • Add children attributes to parent attributes (start line with “##” for parent and “#” on subsequent lines for each child)
  • Expand all children within the section or just for one parent at a time
  • Make text gray to indicate “not included” (start line with “_”)
  • Display column without borders/lines
  • Make columns tight/together (i.e. remove grid spacing)
  • Background color on hover to highlight current column
  • Disable contrasting/alternating row colors
  • Dual width (content width and full-width) section
  • Can upload an image as the “price area” instead of using just text
  • Can force table to not flow over to next line (for responsive use)

Visit the Demo page for a video walk-through!

View Xpricing-DMS’ Changelog


To make pricing and comparison tables. Over a dozen useful enhancements to the DMS 2 ProPricing section.

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