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Build amazing websites with the Workspace theme for PageLines DMS. Ten handcrafted templates, 8 extra sections, fully licensed images and more!

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Workspace Theme

The Workspace theme is built to run on PageLines DMS maximizing use of its great core sections. Workspace is designed with modern web standards and is fully responsive right down to a mobile phone screen. Setup is really quick. You can have a site exactly the same as the demo in less than 15 minutes. Our step by step guide will help you get there quick. We’ve got legendary support as well so if you run into some challenges or need some extra help, don’t hesitate to connect.

The images included with Workspace are also fully licensed for you to use in your design. Don’t worry about breaching copyright or trying to find expensive photos from other stock photography sites, use the images that are included here to help give your site that polished finish.

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  • Added CHANGELOG, new content.xml and increased version number.


  • Updated EVERYTHING. We started from scratch and rebuilt the entire theme. 10 new templates, new colors, new sections and new images update this theme to bring it up to snuff for 2014. Compatible with DMS v. 1.1.6.


  • Initial Release




James Giroux




Need help? Please be sure to search the forum. If you're still stuck you can contact support.

Created On

January 22, 2014

Last updated

February 17, 2014