Twitter All-in-One DMS

Add a custom Twitter feed to your DMS site!

This section can be setup to replicate the old TwitterBar:


Twitter All-in-One DMS Details

The Twitter All-In-One DMS section combines all four Twitter widgets:
User Timeline, Favorites, List, & Search.

This allows you to easily insert Twitter feeds into DMS site with ease. Miss the old TwitterBar? You can easily customize this section to replicate the look and feel of the now deprecated TwitterBar section. That’s just a small part of what the Twitter All-in-One section has to offer!


  • Display your most recent Twitter updates
  • View Photos posted on Twitter
  • Easily reply and retweet
  • Show off your favorite tweets!
  • Show tweets from a custom list
  • Displays search results in real time! Ideal for live events, broadcastings, conferences, TV Shows, or even just keeping up with the news
  • Customizable options such as number of tweets, size, position, & color scheme
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Chris Johnston

I started using PageLines products back in the days Platform Pro. I was a beta tester with the PageLines Framework, and helped create some of the documentation. I became a PageLines developer with Framework, and now with DMS. When I'm not working on PageLines stuff, I'm maintaining the website When I'm not doing that, I'm working for the FAA at my full time job as an Air Traffic Controller at Tulsa International Airport.

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