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Sidekick Details

A Super Powered Secondary Navigation Section
Sidekick is designed to be the side/secondary/sidebar navigation you always wanted.

Featuring 2 modes of display, 3 behaviors for handling menu items, and the ability to override on individual pages, you’ll be in total control.

Let’s Talk Modes

The mode determines the source of the menu items. Sidekick has 2 modes: Page Hierarchy, and WP Menu.

Page Hierarchy Mode

When enabled, Sidekick dynamically populates it’s menu items from pages that are hierarchally related to the current page. In other words, if the current page either has children pages, or is a child page itself, the menu will be filled with pages that are related to the same top-level parent page.

WP Menu Mode

This mode is just what you’d expect. Sidekick can display any WordPress Menu you have created under Appearance > Menus, which can be set globally for the section as well as using per-page control.


Sidekick offers 3 different ways to display your menu items, these are referred to as behaviors.

  • Classic — in this mode, hierarchal levels of navigation are only expanded to the current page/menu item level and it’s immediate children. Sub-levels of sibling menu items are not displayed.
    This keeps things efficient and concise visually, by not using up more space than is necessary while still showing the most relevant menu items. This is particularly useful for pages/menus with deep levels of hierarchy/navigation.
  • Expandable — similar to Classic mode in it’s initial display, with the added ability to expand or collapse any level if items.
    Useful for navigating directly to a sub-page of a sibling page/menu item.
  • Full — renders all page/menu items without limit.

Like it’s big brother, Sidekick Offers Lots of Styling Control.

Sidekick offers optional 1-click integration with Hero Nav.

Such integration will inherit the styling you have defined for Hero Nav to make consistent styling between both navigations well.. faster than a speeding bullet? Any change in Hero Nav is instantly applied to Sidekick as well.

If you have yet to discover the power of Hero Nav, Sidekick is more than capable of flying solo, and provides lots of options.

Choose your own:

  • Base (background) color & opacity
  • Base Text color
  • Corner control (border-radius)
  • Shadow on/off
  • & more!

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