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Projects Lud ~ Portfolio anyway you want

Enables businesses to represent their work. Comes with custom post type and wide range of metadata that can be used within pre-designed templates. It also adds the section for displaying Projects single posts. Supports both Carousel and grid layout.


  • Custom Post Type – packed with meta fields*
  • Master Template – configure section in one click
  • Multiple/custom columns – Up to 6 columns display or set item width in css/less
  • Built-in templates – 5 pre-designed templates
  • Grid and Animation – horizontal animated and in-grid layout
  • Mobile Ready – Ready to be displayed on mobile devices
  • Full color control – for every section clone
  • Easy to configure – works out of the box
  • Single Project View- works as single post or lightbox

*for using meta fields with People Lud, Meta Box (lightweight third party plugin) is needed

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