1 PageTitle DMS Global - Title Text2 PageTitle DMS Global - Subtitle Text3 PageTitle DMS Global - Customizations4 PageTitle DMS Global - Special Pages' Automatic Titles Overrides5 PageTitle DMS Global - Special Pages' Automatic Subtitles Overrides6 PageTitle DMS Global - Blog Archive Title Override Example7 PageTitle DMS Global - Blog Archive Subtitle Override Example8 Custom Post Type Archive Example

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Background Information

  • Works with DMS 1 and DMS 2.
  • DMS 1 does not have a section to display page titles.
  • DMS 2’s PageHeader section displays titles but isn’t as flexible, customizable, or featured.
  • Check out the screenshots!

PageTitle is a utility section. It lets you drag-and-drop WordPress page titles to the location of your choice in your page templates. There are global and page-by-page settings. The page-specific settings override the global settings, if different. Global options allow you to have page titles show up automatically (i.e. if you want to change the title, edit the page in wp-admin). You can also specify that page titles should not be automatically displayed at a global level and turn it on page-by-page. And, yes, you can manually write the title too (i.e. override the auto title per-page).


  • Automatically display WordPress page titles in PageLines DMS
  • Page-specific manual override
  • Animate page titles
  • Choose the HTML heading type for page titles (e.g. h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p)
  • Specify the font size of page titles (i.e. override theme’s heading stylings)
  • Add a hand-crafted subtitle to be displayed below the auto or manual page title
  • CSS classes to allow targeting each piece of PageTitle, including: .pagetitle-titleline, .pagetitle-subtitleline, .pagetitle-numposts, .pagetitle-nameofposts, .pagetitle-subtitlecustomizable, and more
  • Shortcodes work in both the page title and subtitle fields

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Display PageLines DMS Page Titles automatically, with optional manual override per-page (global and per-page settings). Includes animation, font-size, and other customizations. Even has a subtitle area. Auto titles, manual titles, and subtitles all support shortcodes.

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