The most advanced multi-layer parallax animation engine on the planet, and exclusive to DMS. Add depth and dimension to your sites. Even create full screen panels to showcase your content. All without adding any code.


DepthCharge Details

A Parallax Canvas for Pagelines


Complex animations without a line of code.





The premise is simple. The effects dramatic.


DepthCharge empowers designers, or anyone with a keen design aesthetic, to add another dimension to their designs. Without a single line of code, you separately control the direction and speed of unlimited layers and sprites (either SlabText or your own image). Some call this parallax – but DepthCharge is more…much more.

Here are some examples of what you can do!




The possibilities are endless.

…and truly, not a bit of code is needed. See the interface for yourself in our overview guide!

What sets us apart?


Don’t be forced to use tileable backgrounds, or worry about the ratio of your images. DepthCharge will dynamically resize the image and always ensure there’s enough room for your images to move, regardless of the speed.


With one click, immerse your visitors completely and turn your site into windowed panels that cover the screen.


Effortlessly create a path that will intercept in the center of the viewport at the right moment!


DepthCharge really is a limitless canvas. Have as many backdrops and sprites as you’d like, and control the speed and direction of each one of them.

Pixel Perfect

Set an offset for any object, positioning it exactly where you want it to be on the screen.

Our Passion

We’re dedicated to lowering the barrier for all artists to realize their visions online. We want to empower designers – and there is no better way than to extend the amazing canvas that Pagelines DMS provides.

Together, let’s make the web a much more engaging, enchanting and compelling place.

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