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Background Information

  • Works with DMS 1 and DMS 2.
  • Check out the screenshots!

BigTextDMS is a section that resizes text to fit one or more words on a line. It’s responsive and each line is very customizable.

BigTextDMS makes the BigText script quick and easy to implement into your sites and adds additional options. You can play with the script’s demo to see what you can do with BigTextDMS (plus extra stuff that the BigText script alone doesn’t do).

If you purchased the v2/Framework version of BigText, then you’ll like the BigTextDMS section even better. Here are some improvements over the v2 version:

  • Unlimited number of lines
  • No weird “starting at line number zero” stuff
  • Uses the DMS accordion options to consolidate all those options and make it easy to to re-order the lines
  • No more need to insert   code to indent lines; now a built-in option
  • Includes full width and non-full width sections


BigTextDMS Demo and Usage Tips


1-BigTextDMS Container Settings2-BigTextDMS Default Settings for All Lines3-BigTextDMS uses DMS Accordion Options4-BigTextDMS Line-Specific Options


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Created On

November 26, 2013

Last updated

April 3, 2014