Accordions is a DMS Section that makes it super easy to create Accordion Sets (group by category) and display them on your website. Use Accordions for your website FAQs page or break apart long text blocks into individual accordions and show as a set.


  • No shortcodes or coding necessary Each accordion is a separate post that is assigned to an accordion set (or sets). Add the section to your Page Template and choose the accordion set to display.
  • Multiple accordion sets Accordions is a clonable section meaning you can have more than one accordion set on your page with it’s own options.
  • Reorder accordions Use the Post Type Order plugin to reorder accordions to display in the order you want. Or used the built in option to display by accordion date, title, id, last modified or random.
  • Add some color to your accordions Control the background color of the accordion headings and body and the text colors for each accordion set on your page.
  • Collapsed or Keep Open By default the previous accordion will collapse when you open the next accordion in a set. There is an option to keep previous accordion open when opening a new accordion in a set.
  • First accordion open on page load Option to have first accordion in a set open on page load.
  • Open/Close toggle Option to have a caret icon designate open/close status of an accordion.
  • Scroll option for longer accordions If your accordions are long there is an option to scroll to the top of the accordion for better readability.
  • Compatible with DMS 1 and 2.

Need Accordions for PageLines Framework?

Buy Accordions and then email ellen at with a copy of your receipt and the Framework version will be sent to you.

Accordions is a custom post type. Each accordion is a post that can be categorized into Accordion Set(s).

Displaying Accordions is as easy as dragging the Accordions Section into your template and selecting the Accordion Set to display.

  1. Ermanno Azzolini
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    As all sections of Ellen a great plug in, works very well and is customizable, I use it with DMS 2.

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Creates accordions and accordion layouts with a custom post type. Multiple accordion sets on a template. Compatible with DMS 1 and 2.

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