Comes with two sections, QuickTabs for design elements and FullTabs for content-rich tabs.

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Tabtastic Details

Create eye-catching, multicolored tabs on your website with Tabtastic for PageLines DMS. Tabtastic is TWO sections for your DMS powered site, not one. Tabtastic tabs are responsive using a dropdown menu when there is not enough room to display all tabs. Why use shortcodes to create your tabs when you can use Tabtastic!

The two sections included in Tabtastic are QuickTabs and FullTabs.


  • Great for design elements or a small amount of content
  • Uses the DMS Editor for content input
  • Display a Font Awesome icon before tab title
  • Individual color control for each tab

QuickTabs Example


  • Use for content-rich tabs
  • Uses a custom post for each tab
  • Group tabs into sets
  • Individual color control for each tab or make all tabs the same colors

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