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Compatible with Framework 2.x & DMS

Time-saved in a box.

For developers & anyone else who doesn’t want to lose years of their life activating & deactivating sections individually – this plugin is for you! <3

Toggles For Every Occassion

Check them all on, all off, or toggle only activated, inactive* or deactivated sections – Section Switchboard helps you make the change in as few clicks as possible.

How To Use

  1. Install through the Store
  2. Navigate to the new Section Switchboard menu page under the main PageLines menu (wp-admin)
  3. Check/Uncheck individually &/or use the various select toggle buttons at the top of each section type
  4. Click Apply Changes
  5. DONE. (You will even see a message about how many sections were activated & deactivated!)

Your brain cells will thank you.

Version-specific Differences

Framework 2.x

Framework has the native ability to enable/disable sections, but at a snails pace – 1 at a time; each requiring a page refresh.

Section Switchboard gives you a centralized UI for enabling/disabling any sections at once.

Optimize Your Site In a Flash!

Unused sections that are left enabled slow your site down by adding their LESS to the site’s already large main styles, but could also be doing other processing “behind the scenes”. Section Switchboard lets you SEE not only which sections are currently activated or deactivated, but which sections are active but not currently being used! (inactive)

With the new Toggle Inactive button, you can check/uncheck all of these at once.


In DMS, there is not yet a native ability to disable any core sections.

Managed through wp-admin, Section Switchboard gives you the abilty to enable/disable ANY sections added to your installation.

Note: Due to the dynamic template system in DMS, Section Switchboard is not able to detect inactive sections as it can with Framework, so the related functionality and UI for this has been disabled when using with DMS.

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Section Switchboard

Rapid Section Configuration Utility.  Speed up your site by disabling unused sections! A must-have for site optimization.

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