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Responsive Typography is built to run on PageLines DMS. We have created a solution for you that will help your site perform magic! Install the plugin, based on the fantastic Flowtype.JS script , add a class or ID and see the magic happen.

There is no need to do any coding or even use a shortcode. It really couldn’t be simpler.

The text will fit the element of its container. You can play with the settings so that you create your optimum appearance preference. Or you can set it up based on the golden typography ratio. We’ve made it completely DMS compatible all you have to do is play.

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Responsive Typography

Using FlowType.JS this DMS plugin improves typography. In Site Settings a new panel will allow you to enter settings to enhance typography – where the text is sized based on the element width it is contained in and the browser of the user.

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Gavin Aldrich

Gavin formed Kyle & Irving 5 years ago, around the same time PageLines launched. We were one of the first users of PageLines and we have championed the product ever since. As well as custom sections, plugins and themes we also provide custom site support.

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