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Icon Font Shortcode


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Background Information

  • Works with Framework, DMS 1, and DMS 2.
  • In DMS 2, the shortcode accepts both icon-____ and fa-____ prefixed Font Awesome icons.
  • Visit the demo page for usage examples (which serve as instructions)!

Icon fonts are Awesome… Shortcodes are user-friendly…

Icon Font Shortcode just puts the two together!


  • Don’t have to switch between Visual and Text editors
  • Know where your icons are while in Visual editor (don’t show up at all while writing your post in Visual editor without this plugin)
  • Front-end display detects incomplete shortcode usage (i.e. error) and only displays to writers (see Demo page for more information)
  • Works in PageLines Framework (v2) and PageLines DMS (v3), just install, activate, and start using shortcodes (see Demo page for how-to)
  • Dozens of new styles added to make your icons more customizable (see Demo page for examples of all style options), including:
    • colors
    • shadows
    • outlines
    • links
    • rotation
    • y-axis flip

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Created On

September 2, 2013

Last updated

April 3, 2014