SolidFooter is a free DMS Section based on the popular solid footer used on


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Note: This product is free to members of the PageLines Club.

SolidFooter is the latest PageLines Club extension to hit the market. Free for PageLines Club members, SolidFooter gives you the ability to recreate the popular, fully-featured footer on

A professional footer is just as important as a professional header. Your website’s footer is the last “port of call” for many of your visitors, and SolidFooter is the tool that helps you keep them on your site!

This footer extension is highly customisable using the following features:

  • WordPress Menu support to act as secondary navigation;
  • Large splash image support, with hover effects;
  • Support for including website licensing terms and a search bar;
  • Custom HTML5 website description;
  • Social media, Dribbble, Github and other native icon support;
  • Built-in share/like counters for social media;
  • Ability to use custom CSS classes;

Use it to create a professional footer for your website, displaying your company’s contact information, logo, terms of service and links to connected accounts.

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