Replacing the WordPress Login Logo


Creating a custom login logo is a very simple task and will give the appearance of a customized content management system created just for your client.

Update: Using the method outlined below will work great, however, when you update wordpress you (or your client) will have to redo these steps. Using a plug-in like this one can solve the problem.

Step 1:

Create an image called logo-login.gif that is approximately 310px by 70px.

Step 2:

Use an ftp client to replace the current image located in the wp-admin > images folder.

Step 3:

Refresh your browser; You now have a customized login page perfect for impressing clients!


You can follow a similar protocol to replace the WordPress Dashboard logo; replace the wp-logo.gif image and make your image approximately 30px by 30px.

6 Responses to "Replacing the WordPress Login Logo"
  1. creatov says:

    Just simple, but effective :) Thanks for the tip!

  2. Dan says:

    Yes its kind of a basic task, but definately one of the first you will need to do.

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  3. Calumks says:

    Thanks! I’m gonna do this now.

  4. Andy says:

    A great plugin is available to completely customize the login page called My Brand:

  5. Dave Fowler says:

    The image file to replace for the dashboard is actually the “wp-logo.png” file.

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