PL Update & PlatformPro v1.5!


Hello again! Its been a while since we’ve updated the blog, but we have some good news and an update for you guys.

First, we’ve just released PlatformPro 1.5. This update (as well as the 1.4 releases) address some very important optimizations and integrations into the theme. I’ll talk about that in a minute. Second, we wanted to update you guys on some interesting changes at PageLines and give you guys a teaser as to what we’re working on.

Framework  Version 1.5 & API

Today we released PlatformPro 1.5. In the most recent updates we’ve focused on streamlining the framework code to prepare the way for future releases. There are also several new ‘minor’ features, such as navigation fixes, hooks/filters and custom post-type support. These releases also fix several small bugs and prepare the way for future versions of WordPress (such as the upcoming WP 3.2)

The most exciting part about these latest updates is the integration of the PageLines API. While we can’t tell you all of the plans for this API, we can tell you that the current release lays the groundwork for ‘auto-updating’ and other cool integration features.

PageLines Beta Program

In advance of future releases and development efforts, PageLines has launched a developer ‘Beta’ program.

This is a cool new program designed to help people get more out of their PageLines development, as well as help us make software for you…
Some of the benefits:

  • Get access to updates/features before they’re released
  • Be able to suggest and even contribute to new features and capabilities
  • Get live technical Q&A w/ the PageLines core team
  • Get ‘ground-floor’ access to market/business opportunities created
  • Be a part of a team and something we think is exciting

Anyone interested in being involved, just needs to email us at for additional details.

New Docs & MediaWiki

Taking feedback from you guys on our documentation we’ve decided WordPress isn’t an ideal solution for creating and maintaining great reference material. For that reason, we’ve designed and built a new integration of Mediawiki to manage our documentation. There are several benefits to this:

  • Anyone can contribute
  • Linking and cross-referencing are a cinch!
  • Much better for search
  • More fun to use (for docs at least!)

Anyway, you can see the new and totally under-development documentation at .. If you’re interested in participating, great! Just write us and we can discuss your ideas.

Move To San Francisco and Other News

Finally, there has been a lot changing internally w/ the company. PageLines has recently relocated to San Francisco, CA and started several new internal initiatives.

We are hiring some experience designers and developers and prepping for — what we think — is an exciting plan for your products and services in the future. And while we don’t publicly discuss development details, we can tell you that there will be some interesting opportunities created for designers/developers on the PageLines platform.

That’s it for now!  Until next time…

44 Responses to "PL Update & PlatformPro v1.5!"
  1. Carlbpoint-news says:

    great stuff, when and where can i download the update ?

  2. Dwshelton says:

    Where can I find the changelog? I have several sites, some that go as far back as PlatformPro 1.2.2, so I need to know what files to update.

  3. Jay Henderson says:

    What’s the success rate of joining the beta program. I want in on getting beta features and providing feedback.

  4. Flash99603 says:

    I love SF.  Lived at 17th and Mission for three years.  Go Giants.

  5. Neal Mueller says:

    welcome to SF. You should host a Lunch2.0.

  6. Ryanwburton says:

    This fixed the twitter problem.  Thanks, Ryan

  7. Quintin says:

     Do we just download the “” file and overwrite the existing files on the server? How do i know if the one in my member area is the latest one?
    Are there any instructions?

  8. Peter Luit says:

    Congratulations with all the steps mentioned. Working now for nearly six months with PFP, and continuing to do so. We want to focus on as less themes as possible, this is our shortlist untilnow:

    – platform pro
    – suffusion
    – bizztheme

    Long before these three, we worked with Atahualpa, now that we learned much more about css, hooks/actions, we waved this one goodbye. We hope continuw working with PFP and looking forward for new releases.

    Kind Regards,
    Peter Luit

  9. Michayu says:

    And more layouts (especially, landing pagessqueeze pages)?

  10. Adam says:

    Does the pro version have functionality to put a menu bar at the top of the page like your blog has?  I don’t see a way to do it in the free version.

  11. theunsewn says:

    The Pagelines update reworked my website and created a sidebar I cannot get rid of. My primary navigation is also gone. Is there something I need to fix on my end?

  12. Niko says:

    Why do Pagelines only write a post every few months ?

    • acha5066 says:

      Because Pagelines just doesn’t get support.

      • Purposepilot says:

        What do you mean they don’t get support? We paid well over $100 for our PlatformPro license, and I am sure others buy various licenses for PageLines’s themes. I too would like to see more communications originated from the company on their blog. It’s a prime way to let users know how engaged a company is with their products and their mission. Meanwhile, I can say that the PageLines themes are very good and I am happy this company exists. 

      • Purposepilot says:

        What do you mean they don’t get support? We paid well over $100 for our PlatformPro license, and I am sure others buy various licenses for PageLines’s themes. I too would like to see more communications originated from the company on their blog. It’s a prime way to let users know how engaged a company is with their products and their mission. Meanwhile, I can say that the PageLines themes are very good and I am happy this company exists. 

  13. Anonymous says:

    Interesting news..will look forward to learning more. 

    There is however, one point that made me shudder with apprehension…your relocation to San Fran – that’s the home of the Adobe death star. 

    Please, oh please tell me that this is just pure coincidence. Seriously though; please tell me. You have a great framework. Interakt had one too, which i used, investing many hours into exploring their includes framework fully. Adobe bought it…then after a short while, binned all of the extensions – advising user base to look at what drupal and wordpress had to offer..just prior to new DW release with WP editing features. 

    So maybe you can understand that I’d like to avoid heading down another cul de sac.

    • We totally understand your fears but they are unfounded. No worries, we’re not gonna go down the same way ;)

      We’ll be around for a long time and we’ll be developing new and exciting products all the time. It’s the PageLines way! :)

  14. Kristymorris7 says:

    your link for the pagelines docs is incorrect.

  15. Miguel says:

    Hello! I wanted to see if you have feature for multilingual pages or if you can integrate a wordpress plugin for multilingual, for example qTranslateThank you very much!

  16. Kyle Murphy says:

    Very Exciting! SF has great weather. Still testing PFP but very interested thus far. Is it me or can I not install plug-ins with the test site?

  17. David says:

    I just saw your promo, holy smokes was that video well done!  Clean, professional, epic!  I was ready to buy it even though I make my own themes!  Looks like an amazing product.  I’ll have to come back and check this out later sometime.

  18. Tvdvdset says:

    Why do I use did not change after

  19. Rafal says:

    Is it possible to translate the PlatformPro for international customers ?

    • Hi Rafal!

      PlatformPro is localization-ready, which means it is ready to be translated in any language right away! We usually recommend these steps:

      1. Read up on Localization and Translating on WordPress.
      2. Create your translation file using Poedit
      3. Use CodeStyling Localization (plugin) or similar to apply :)

      If you have further questions about this, I suggest making a new thread over on the support forum:

      • Have you improved ml capabilities in the last releases? Besides the price that is a bit steep for a small NGO in a 3rd world country that was the main reason why I decided not to use PlatformPro some time ago after testing an “unofficial” 1.3.x release. 
        While part of the translation works ok via POEdit, a lot of stuff (like in the bylines/”metabar”) seems to be hardcoded and well hidden deep in the template files, which is an updaters nightmare… 

  20. Bonnie says:

    Clicking your link to the new DOCS area gives me an error and takes me to:

    Where is the new area so I can take a peek? :)  Thanks!

  21. Hufaxian says:

    Very Exciting!
    I love SF

  22. Hufaxian says:

    Very Exciting!
    I love SF

  23. skippybosco says:

    I see there is a bbPress Forum Addon, but do not see any reference to support or plans for support of BuddyPress.

    Can you elaborate if you currently support or plan to support Buddypress?

    Thank You!

  24. Johnstetsonw says:

    I love the product! I’m very happy..Rather pay a little more for something that works well…

  25. Sujoy Das says:

    Very good product andworks well

  26. Peter says:

    I would like to see a demo of the Teasers in PlatformPro 1.5.

  27. Can I use the Pagelines in more than one blog?

  28. Geoff says:

    Loving the ease for a non techy and new feel to our site.  come by and have espresso.  my shop is on Sutter St.

  29. Slider says:

    i’ve a problem with 1.5! Isn’t it possible to integrate featured content gallery again?

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