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PageLines Videos

PageLines wants you to be able to make an awesome website as quickly & easily as possible.

That’s why we’re always trying to improve our documentation to help make that possible.

We recently produced the first volume in what will be an entire video series on how to use PageLines.We’re calling it “PageLines Essential Training.”

The volume starts out with a couple “getting started” videos, then goes into detail on how to use the six core PageLines sections:

Banners, Boxes, Callout, Carousel, Features, & Highlight.

You can view these videos on our YouTube channel.

We would really appreciate your feedback on these videos, that way we’ll know how we might improve on future tutorials. Also, please let us know any suggestions you have for new video topics that you’d like to see.

2 Responses to "PageLines Video Tutorials"
  1. VicDesotelle says:

    anyone .. how do i add a youtube video into a box or feature? kind thanks, vic

  2. VicDesotelle Hi Vic you can add embed codes into a media box in DMS. If you’ve having problems please post a thread on the forum at

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