PageLines Battleground VIII

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Katzing Creative Ways

Welcome to the PageLines Battleground!

It’s been exactly four weeks since the last edition of the PageLines Battleground and we really missed the action, buzz and excitement associated with the contest. So we’re back with a new and re-vamped edition of the regular Showcase Battleground! We’re changing it to a bi-monthly contest from now on and the stakes are gonna get bigger with the addition of the PageLines Awards (read below).

We’ve had a big number of submissions since last time around and I’ve got a feeling this will be the closest one yet. I’m truly amazed by what you guys are creating with the Framework and I feel that every single website submitted is a winner. But rules are rules and the winner takes it all! ;)

Announcing: PageLines Awards

I’d like to take this opportunity to announce the new PageLines “Champions League”-type contest called the PageLines Awards! It will take place between the winners of the BattleGrounds, with the best 3 websites competing for some awesome prizes. More on that in a separate post!

Last Week’s Winner

PageLines Battleground VII Winner – Katzing –

Katzing Creative Ways - PageLines Battleground VII Winner

Katzing Creative Ways -

PageLines Battleground VII Winner – Katzing –

“I plan on using the latest version of PageLines in Sept 2012 with my Intro to Web Publishing students at the university; that’s how confident I feel about its capabilities. I’ll be contacting PageLines to discuss further.

Sure, there’s a learning curve — but you can really produce a robust site through trial and error and (a lot) of time:-)”

This is how the winner of last week’s PageLines Showcase Battleground, Susan Katz, described the process of building her blog with PageLines! Congratulations once again for her work on the great Katzing website!

Battleground VIII Contestants

The voting goes on for four days which means the battle will take place over the weekend as well! Hopefully the contestants have the supplies needed for a long fight because they are going to need them! The lucky winner will be announced next Tuesday.

I am proud to present to you the competitors for the eighth PageLines Battleground edition:

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About PageLines Battleground

As most of you already know, every week we are showing off 10 sites from the PageLines Community and let you vote on the best site to include in the PageLines Showcase.

Weekly winners will be entered in the PageLines Awards and go on to achieve great fame, publicity and fortune when their website is showcased to thousands of community users and the general public!

Keep posted on Twitter and Facebook for showcase submission calls if you want to participate! ;) (edit)


Stefan...thank you for the write up about -  I was happy to win Battleground VII. Have really enjoyed the PageLines experience.


I voted for  17 sirens