Official Teaser – Name and Launch Date


It is finally the right time to officially announce a few things about the upcoming product launch. Specifically, today I’ll be telling you about the concept behind the new product, the new name and the official launch date.

Check out the official launch page & contest for the next generation product.

Watch the Video

View DMS Page & Enter Contest

A Little Background

I’ll let you in on a secret: we’ve been working on a new concept in web design for around 2 years, behind the scenes.  A couple of years ago we realized that some of the issues with web design simply came down to dogma, people doing things a certain way because “that’s just how things are done.”

We set out to build the ultimate web design platform that allowed beginners and experts to build *amazing* websites, as fast and easy as possible.

The process started with these questions: “What is the ideal way to build a website? How will websites be created in 10 years?”

In the end, we created something we are calling DMS, which stands for Design Management System.

The concept is that this system allows you to ‘manage’ your design through a meticulously constructed user interface that gets out of your way and allows you to focus on your work.

What will DMS do for you?

While we won’t be revealing any details of DMS features until the official launch, I can tell you a few things about what it will do for you and your website(s).

Here are a few of the advantages compared to themes:

  • Customization will be easier than you thought possible
    Themes have always been hard to customize. You have two choices, you can either code up some PHP and Javascript (fun!), or you can sift through a bunch of confusing options and interfaces; then hopefully figure things out through trial and error (after a solid few days of clicking around). DMS will solve this through a seriously thought through UX  that we’ve spent months researching and testing.
  • Creating ‘Child Themes’ will be as easy as building a website
    Once you build one beautiful website with DMS, you can convert it to a theme that you can then market, give away or reuse yourself. I can’t say too much now, but a goal in development was to make traditional ‘theming’ obsolete by making it possible with DMS in 5% of the time.

Here are a few of the advantages compared to Drag and Drop builders:

  • Drag and Drop only fast, easy, and beautiful (i.e. professional)
    WYSIWYG systems never got it right. They force you to reinvent the wheel and redesign things from scratch. They also don’t support cool effects or transitions, as this requires coding and professional designers. DMS solves this through the Section API which allows developers to build sections that YOU can then drag and drop wherever you want. It’s a serious win/win.
  • Powered by a fully featured CMS
    As always, PageLines will be powered by WordPress and will support all 26000+ plugins. DMS adds a layer designed for robust design management while leaving the content organization and heavy lifting to WP. This makes DMS the ultimate way to build websites combining ‘easy’ with ‘powerful.’


DMS Launch Contest

As part of the launch, we’re giving away several DMS developer licenses when it comes out. To enter, all you need to do is add your email address and share the contest on Facebook.

Check out the contest page here: PageLines DMS Launch Contest

Stay Tuned

We have more announcements coming, some we really think you’ll enjoy. Please stay tuned in the coming weeks :)


51 Responses to "Official Teaser – Name and Launch Date"
  1. schutzsmith says:

    This sounds terrific! Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. natemaingard says:

    Woweee this has got my psyched! Hope hope I’m one of the lucky ten :D

  3. mnelson says:

    Hmmm. you have peaked my interest but if this is anything like the hype around PageLines a few years ago I don’t have high hopes for this release either…..I will be curious to see how much all this drag and drop stuff effects the performance of the actual website.

    • arpowers says:

      mnelson hey, let’s be optimistic =) All i can say is that we’ve learned a lot over the last few years and we’re the hardest we possibly can to make a good product for you guys.

  4. Rollie says:

    Coming at the right time for me…I’d love a license and check it out.

  5. susankatz says:

    Looking forward to it – I have the Framework developer license now — would really like a license for the new DMS. Good luck with the launch.

  6. Sounds absolutely awesome! Looking forward to this, and would definitely love to win a copy of the DMS.

  7. 710814 says:

    I’m korean user. I also  looking forward to it

  8. rickardsap says:

    Really exciting! I almost can’t wait.

  9. techtelling says:

    Hmmnn…. Looking forward to it. I really can’t wait. I’v been wanting a whole new design for my Tech Blog I hope I do get a first hand on it.

  10. Sheila says:

    This sounds AWESOME! Having gone through a major change in a competitor’s framework where they failed to provide an upgrade path I must ask… will our old PL sites transfer into this system? And if not, will you continue to support PL going forward? Can’t wait to see this in action.

    • jsindelar says:

      Sheila Indeed. Been asked directly in a few places but not yet answered. Bummer.

      • jsindelar says:

        Sheila Of course if I read more clearly I’d have seen arpowers say they’ll keep supporting the in-market product here: Good news as we’ll be rebuilding our PL site as soon as this ships but need to keep the PL one up and sharp while we do.

      • arpowers says:

        jsindelar Sheila Yup, we’ll continue supporting Framework and we’ll work super hard to take care of you guys as you upgrade. 
        As for the path, we’re going to be adding a compatibility mode which will allow you an elegant way to switch things to the new drag and drop format. Overall, we want you to be happy, so lets work on this together ;)

      • illinimatt81 says:

        arpowers jsindelar Sheila I’m glad this was thought of. I have a legacy site that I would love to incorporate with the  new DMS as it visually is doing things I have always wanted to do. But like you I also feated upgrading would kill my site. I’m hopeful this won’t be the case. I’m willing to rework a few things because I want to take advantage of new features, but I don’t want to have all my custom CSS and work get blown out either.
        Definitely holding off on a new site concept until this is released.

      • illinimatt81 says:

        arpowers jsindelar Sheila I’m so excited about this I am researching how to setup a development server so I can install this and modify my site and then push live. That way there will be no worries!

  11. JensFindeisen says:

    I look forward, sounds great. Jens

  12. MundoCaco says:

    sounds great. looks great. <3

  13. Homepagely says:

    Looks awesome – can’t wait to see more.

  14. Homepagely says:

    Looking forward to see DMS in action!

  15. MennoPaul says:

    Looks excellent; looking forward to the launch! Didn’t receive any confirmation on the sign up (both on ‘our future together’ and ‘official teaser’) though.

  16. glenneastland says:

    Really interesting and I’m glad it is still based on WordPress as a foundation

  17. x9zero says:

    can’t wait to give it ago….

  18. David Dabney says:

    I’m curious to see this. Frankly, I’ve been really disappointed with the overall documentation of Pagelines. As of a couple of month ago (haven’t checked since then) there were still several major holes it’s documentation. I’ll wait to see if this project puts the cart before the horse as well.

    • AdrianCastro says:

      David Dabney I agree with David.  Moving everybody to another platform even before the Pagelines documentation is done  – is terribly disappointing.  A product that has unfinished documentation is a product unfinished.  If not for live support, Pagelines is totally useless because documentation sucks.  I guess getting a new product every 2 years makes money – as the gurus teach out there, regardless if you make a good product or not.

      Everyone on Pagelines framework should be grandfathered into the DMS without paying for new licenses.

      • Sheila says:

        AdrianCastroDavid Dabney “Everyone on Pagelines framework should be grandfathered into the DMS without paying for new licenses.”
        REALLY? I assumed that was case if one has a current Dev Plus license. I’m still in my first month with PL. If I don’t get a free update to this then I’m just going to cancel and wait!

      • AdrianCastro says:

        Sheila AdrianCastro David Dabney Perhaps all the people who are excited did NOT know they will have to pay AGAIN, discount or not – It IS ANOTHER INCOME STREAM.

      • chriscct7 says:

        Sheila AdrianCastro David Dabney The previous blog post clearly stated if you have PL you will get the update for free:

      • AdrianCastro says:

        @arpowers “Every case is different, worst case you’ll get a big discount.”  where did you find “FREE”???

  19. I managed well enough as a Pagelines Framework Developer despite not being anything like a Coding Goddess but DMS is the direction I was hoping you guys would take eventually. Well done to everyone for their hard work – and for listening. Hoping I am one of the ten – actually holdng off on 2 projects until this is released (in fact – I was the release date was sooner lol)!

  20. MarioGranSans says:

    It looks promising. I hope that the price for people that already have PageLines is fair.

  21. AdrianCastro says:

    RIP Pagelines 2.0 – What a SHORT product life cycle???  I thought these guys had a vision???

    • ginoginelli says:

      AdrianCastro They have already clearly informed us that PageLines Framework is still being supported.

  22. Taylor Darcy says:

    This looks pretty good, I hope it lives up to the other Pagelines products that I have used.

  23. Gardar Rafn says:

    Looks good and promising. Can’t wait to get my hands on DMS.

  24. chriscct7 says:

    For those wondering about upgrade costs, the previous blog post mentioned:
    “Since upgrades will no doubt be a concern, anyone who has purchased PageLines Framework after June 15, or is a Plus subscriber at launch, will get the new product completely free. All other PageLines customers will get the new pro version platform at a discounted price; the basic version will be free.”

  25. Draven says:

    Sounds good, hope the migration from the current product to DMS could be done without problems.

  26. Cesar Falcao says:

    I was to start using Headway Themes, but it looks look the new Pagelines will be the definitive theme for wordpress.
    Will Pagelines call me for beta testing? I’d love to do so, and share in my humble blog.

  27. pehja says:

    Perfect looking forward to this. If I could make a suggestion. Please put some effort in making this in more language than english. Hire someone to do this. No one will make it for free. It is tiresome and designers don´t want to spent ours and ours translating. There are professionals who can do this. And if so, make us pay more money to get it in a different language if you don´t think it´s worth the money. But please make it available in lots of languages.  Thanks!

  28. Martin Bay says:

    This really look great cant wait to build a new photography site using DMS. Just what I need to get more fun working :)

  29. Zer0 says:

    This looks really sexy!!! cant wait to have my hands on it.

  30. glenneastland says:

    Been following comments on here with interest since my initial post. I have to say I do have sympathy with those that say that are highlighting the rather brief Pagelines Framework product life cycle. We’ve been using Pagelines since inception and now a number of sites that will become obsolete alongside this new product. Right now we are unsure whether there will be seamless upgrade from Framework to DMS and if not that means a lot of additional development work to bring Framework sites up to date. Hopefully Pagelines will have considered this.

  31. JoopVeenstra says:

    I Can’t wait

  32. saharcohan says:

    Please dont forget RTL SUPPORT :
    Please! RTL!

  33. ginoginelli says:

    So you expect any company to spend months or even years on developing a new platform and then provide it for free ?
    Not sure what world you live on but it clearly isn’t planet Earth. Tell me, PageLines like other development teams have to pay their employees, support staff (support is second to none) and coders, if they develop this product and ship it free, how do you expect them to pay the cost of development and the support provided by their team ?
    I am happy that I understood what Plus subscription service was created for and feel it was a worthwhile investment, I get DMS for free on launch.

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