iBlogPro 4 Has Arrived

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Looking for the latest iBlogPro? Check out iBlogPro version 6 here.

The new and improved iBlogPro4 is here with new features and options designed to improve ease of use. Why all the changes? Because we listened to what you had to say about iBlogPro3 and took action!

Using the new PageLines core framework we’ve added more page templates, page specific options and much more so that making a fully customizable and professional website is at your fingertips. Here is a short overview of some of the changes:

  • New Footer —with 5 columns
  • Page Templates—including a left sidebar option
  • Color Options—a new darker nav and added hexidecimal color options
  • New Widgetized Areas—like a full-width area above the footer
  • Shortcode Ready—Perfect for advanced slider customization
  • and more…

New Footer: This footer is replacing the minimal one line footer from past versions with a fully widgetized footer perfect for listing pages, links, archives and copyright information.

New Shortcode Library & Feature Slider Thumbs: The new slider has added shortcode functionality that allows you to display dynamic content like a google map. Additionally, the feature slider navigation numbers can now be replaced with either thumbnails (pictured) or with the title of the slider.

9 Responses to "iBlogPro 4 Has Arrived"
  1. Jonatan says:

    do people that buyed iblog3 get the upgrade for free?

  2. oh veri nice theme….

    i like this theme…

    by :
    agus widyatama

  3. A2 says:

    Very good theme. But My money not enought.. :(

  4. GlebKores says:

    Really beautiful theme!We like it!

  5. Joel G. says:

    Love the theme, however the images on the slider get screwy in internet explorer.

  6. wallpat says:

    i like ,,but not free

  7. tg6y5h says:

    mi potete dare il dowloand gratis

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