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All without coding! The first Design Management System. Built for WordPress.

Built For Marketing & Online Business

PageLines DMS will help you build custom marketing websites that do wonders.
It comes packed with features for SEO, social media, typography, color control and more.

100% Mobile Ready

The design will scale to fit on all browser widths/resolutions and on all mobile devices. Go ahead and scale your browser window and see the results.


eCommerce Capability

PageLines works out of the box with eCommerce plugins. Offer shop facilities right from your WordPress powered website.


Google Fonts Support

You can change any text on your site to the font of your liking, and also use the awesome Google Fonts to go beyond those standard web-safe fonts.


Drag & Drop Design for Pros

Drag-and-drop sections on any area of your site and edit visually.
All designed to work with WordPress CMS.

Used all over the web...


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Great Design You Can Customize

A new paradigm in theming. Build an amazing site from scratch or grab a theme and
customize it to your heart's intent.

A match made in heaven.

DMS is powered by the world's most powerful CMS — WordPress

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